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Is it normal for a bride to tell a best man what clothes to buy and wear for a wedding?

JettSett asked:

My brother’s getting married. Both my other brother and myself are sharing the best man duty. My brothers wife to be has told us that she wants us to buy from a certain store, a shirt, pants, vest, shoes, belt, and a tie. She picked out the items and sent us the links, but we think these clothes are ugly and will never wear them again, so it seems like a waste. Is this common and standard? Would it be inappropriate to be honest with her and ask if we can wear something else?

about my cousins wedding(clothes)?

Don P asked:

Ok, so my cousin’s wedding is in 3 months…he is the groom. Anyway, the bride’s sister has told family members to spread the memo of not wearing red bc she is going to wear red. I personally think this is wrong bc it is not right to tell people what to wear. I want to also wear red but, i am having second thought about it…do u think it would be wrong of me to wear red or em i being to bitchy for not listening to the sister??Also i have heard it is wrong to wear red bc it takes the attention away from the bride??What shall i do??plzz help
Pick up what??
ChicatyChina…pick up what and yes i am single bc i have not found the right person…and no i am not trying to get attention..just trying to be fair

What are some good, clean bridal shower games?

Black lashes asked:

What other bridal shower tips can you give me? I’m doing one for my sis for the first time. its for about 20 people, can i do it by my self or will i need help?

I need help with a bridal shower?

Ryan’s Mom asked:

I am planning a bridal shower…it needs to be a cancun/flip flop/tropical theme!!! What do I need? What should I write on ont invite since the bride needs clothing for the honeymoon!!! Anything help would be wonderful!!!
I don’t want to ask for certian clothing items but like gift cards, etc…

Don’t you think it’s too late for Britney Spears to wear bride clothes on photo?

Winky asked:

you know she’s still young but i think the way she dressed,her dress.and her make up was awful what about you?

Anyone had a good experience buying wedding dresses from China?

LuciousLongLegs asked:

I’m due to get married soon, and have been looking at the amazingly cheap wedding dresses on Ebay and from Chinese wholesalers.
I’m wondering about the quality after reading some bad reports.
Has anyone out there any good stories to report?

Looking better than bride?

Liz Hope asked:

My fiance’s sister asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, although I’m sure her mother made her ask. I have no problem being in the wedding but don’t know what to do about the current situation. The bride and her other two bridesmaids have been treating me terribly because I don’t look like them. I am a petite blonde and people have always told me that I am very pretty. My future sister-in-law and her friends are physical opposites of me. The bride put me in the most unattractive dress that she could find and asked me to put on some weight for the wedding to “fill it out better.” At 5’4″, 115lbs, and 32d, I think I fill out most clothing very well. Of course, she is 5’6″ and wears a 24 in women’s plus size, so I guess she knows a little more about filling clothes out! She also refuses to let me come to her bridal shower because she thinks I’m always the center of attention. To top it off, today she told me that I’m not going to be allowed to wear any makeup to the wedding or get my hair done, and she doesn’t want me to tan for at least three weeks. Does anyone else think this is ridiculous? What should I do????

What are some fun bridal shower games?

jandismommie asked:

I am planning my sisters bridal shower and need some ideas for game ideas. What are some fun bridal shower games? Thank You!

Are all Wedding Dresses made from the same type of Material?

Jennifer Z asked:

I know there’s alot of lace, sequents and ‘sparkle’ but are they all made from the same fabric basically? I’m very tiny and can’t figure out what type of dress I should be looking for – or if a special cut will be better? I’m trying to find these answers online but can’t really get the answers I need – is there a wedding dress guide?

im going to my junior prom?

. asked:

Does anyone know any good cheap places to get my dress? I would like a strapless short dress kinda frilly too and also a little bit above the knee? I like this dress from …

But its too much money! My prom is two weeks away so I need a dress with a style like that. I’ve done late dress shopping before so I know I’d find one but does anyone know where I can get a dress with that style for much less? I live in the Philadelphia/south jersey area and ordering online wouldn’t be a good option for me right now so does anyone know any bridal place or prom store/ department store that’d have this dress style and for a cheaper price? The only reason why I need a cheaper price is because the dress I was going to wear before all this was handed down to me but my dad thinks its too revealing! 🙁