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would someone tell me please where are the cheap shopping areas in Turkey Istanbul?

Donga asked:

Iam a soon to be a bride and i intend to go to turkey Istanbul for shopping
iam looking for elegant reasonable priced wedding gowns ?
Day to day clothes , skirts, causal dresses ….etc ( No trade names at all ) ?
and evening dresses?
Also when is the sale season February or March ?
Thanks in advance for helping out it really means alot to give some shops names , street names .
Thanks a million

Mori Lee wedding dresses? Do you like this one?

Bl♥ndy 15.08.11 asked:

I am getting married in August, and am looking for dresses! I would like a short one, and found this one:

What do you think of it? Has anyone purchased a Mori Lee dress before? Are they well made?

Any advice is welcome! Thank you!
Just want to add: I know that it’s “young-looking”. That’s kind of what I want, a traditional gown really does not match my personality. To be fair, there really aren’t many options for short dresses (that have some personalty). If anyone has seen any, please send me a link! I’ve been looking for hours!

Do you guys have any ideas on bridal shower games?

pattscool asked:

I’m throwing my best friend a bridal shower in a few weeks and i need some ideas for games. Not too dirty (we are christian) but something really fun. Any ideas?

Wedding? Am I missing anything?

Britt asked:

Okay, i have invetations made up, or well designed on the computer and the only thing we don’t have decided is what year. We’re shooting for 2011, but we aren’t positive yet.
I have a full guest list and all i’m missing is a few addresses (which i will get in a few days).

Wedding Location: Treemont City Cemitary; Mom’s head stone
Reception Place: The home of Roy Detrick.

Cake: Marble Cake
Bride and Groom Cake: Ice Cream cake
Wedding Time: 3/4?
Reception Time: 3:30/4:30?
Rent Tables and Chairs ? (looking at places still)
Food – undecided (Idas: Pizza, Burgers, BBQ Chicken, chips, salads, and etc)
Bouquet and Garder – undecided
Clothing – Nice Casual (Bride in groom will dress in a casual manner but will not look lik slobs. everyone is expected to come casual as well).
Am I missing anything? I know times aren’t set nor is the year because we’re not positive yet. But other than this what else am i missing. I am having brides maids but not a maid of honor and i have them picked and he has a best man (his father).
i think the people who disagree with the whole the cemitary is a big no no may want to delete their answers because they deffinatly are being ignored and rated badly.
my cousin is a stylist and i took a cos. class when i was in high school.
we didn’t decided on guest favors. half my family wont show up becaus ei moved form home. and our riend si a dj also we know a guy who works at the club who can hook us up for $200

I’m looking for a wedding dress?

Rosie-doll Too asked:

Ok, I think it’s a wedding dress by Mori Lee. It is sleevless and has pockets and flowers all on the bust part, then the skirt is just plain really, and it’s taffeda. I can’t seem to find the dress on their website….. so hopefully there are some very informative brides on here who know what i’m talking about? I’m trying to find a link to a picture of it.
it is like this one but there is no embelishment on the skirt and the whole top part above the waist is flowers that are sewn on, no beads or sparkles, actually there are pearls i think as the middle of the flowers.
Ok, your links actually helped me find the one I was looking for thanks!!!!

What are good gift ideas for a 2AM assigned time for a ‘Round the Clock’ bridal shower?

orangedream asked:

For those who don’t know – a ‘Round the Clock’ bridal shower is when the hostesses assign guests to get gifts for different hours of the day. For example, if you were assigned 6pm, dinnerware or something would be an appropriate gift. I was assigned 2AM… I have no idea what to get the couple! I am trying to stay away from generic gifts, like bed sheets or whatever, because other people who were assigned 10, 11PM or midnight are already getting that for them. ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! 🙂

where can i find some unique and beautiful wedding dresses?

Kismet asked:

it’s still a long time a way but the dress is the most important material part of the wedding to me. of course the best part is marrying him :). but i’m so bored of dresses form like david’s bridal and the classic kind of dresses. i think they’re pretty but they’re not me. i don’t want some kind of medieval wedding dress either, not that far out there. just kind of something that makes you stop and look a little longer. thanks!

Gone with the wind bridal shower decoration ideas?

Jess asked:

I am throwing a bridal shower with a gone with the wind theme. I had some ideas for decorations using gone with the wind posters, pictures, etc but I am clueless on food and other decoration ideas. What types of food should be served to keep with the theme? Do you have any other decoration ideas that aren’t too steep for the budget?

I need food ideas for a 15 person bridal shower at my home. I want to serve some nice dishes?

luxyfoxy asked:

What can I serve for the main dish and some sides? I will have some appetizers and a salad and a cake for dessert, what else can I serve. No Italian food. No Mostaccholi or baked chicken or roast beef either. Not the same old stuff you get at these things but something nicer that most of the girls will like.

Can anyone recommend a good place to throw a bridal shower in Columbus, OH?

sweetie_k_08 asked:

I am not from the Columbus area, and am planning a bridal shower for my sister who lives in Columbus. She lives a couple miles from Ohio State. Can anyone recommend somewhere in that area that has a party room that can be rented, that has a kitchen for cooking? We would have 20-30 guests. Thank you!