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TO: Most Bang for My Wedding Buck? Help?

CC asked:

Check out, select your state then city and then pick Events and you should find all kinds of vendors that can help you.

I found a Country Club with a Gazebo that will provide: setting up chairs for outside; the Reception room-tables-linens-dinnerware, etc.; appetizers; Cash Bar with Bartender; after Ceremony the dinner with Salad, 2 Meats, 1 Starch, 1 Vegetable, Rolls; Champagne Toast; Cake Cutting; 2 Private Rooms for the Bride & Groom to dress and change in; and all clean up for $1,050.00.

I also found a photographer who is still in college looking to do Weddings for her portfolio, she is free.

My daughter goes to school with a student who will do the DJ/MC for just gas money.

I am making the 3 tier cake – it’s not that hard – get a Wilton book and follow directions. And I’m making all the decorations; plus Ring Bearer Pillow, Toasting Glasses with the Bride & Groom’s clothes, Gift Card Box & Guest Book. I’m very crafty too but it’s very easy.

An idea I just had today was instead of buying 7 vases for the tables, which even at the Dollar store is going to cost $7.00 I am going to buy a box of 8 – 17 oz. glasses and 8 tumblers for $9.00 at WalMart and use 7 of the glasses as vases for artificial flowers on the tables and then after the Reception they can have the whole box and after washing the glasses they are as good as new!

Other than the Country Club the most expensive thing would be flowers but check online for wholesale distributors.

My daughter found her custom made Bridal Gown at and it is beautiful and was only $78.00 (yes seventy eight dollars) plus $40.00 for shipping and reviews on the site were all good – no alternations needed, etc.

Hope this post helps someone!

How to find wedding and Bridal Boutique in uk?

Rose Martin asked:

Me and My friend are looking for some good wedding and Bridal Boutiques in uk who have good and stylish range of Bridal and bridesmaid dresses. As you all know about the importance of this occassion in one’s life. So I am trying to help her finding a good Bridal dress and a lovely bridesmaid dress for myself online …

All suggestions are welcome..

SIMS 2 OPEN FOR BUSINESS: What happened to the wedding dresses?

toshimocha asked:

When I marry off my sims I buy the wedding arch and click get married. Then both sims go under the wedding arch and the game provides the bride with her wedding dress and the groom with his tux. Since I’ve installed Open for business, the game no longer provides a wedding dress or a tux. I don’t want my sims to get married in the regular formal wear… Where do I get wedding dresses for my sims?

What are some good wedding gifts? Wedding is Sept 5?

Sholala asked:

Brides loves clothes and loves to shop. She also loves shoes. Groom love music and making beats. Old school music. he use to be a DJ.

What are some things that would be INAPPROPRIATE to throw at the bride & groom after their wedding?

spun_up_06 asked:

How about COOKED rice? Nice and hot, and would stick to their clothes in disgusting lumps! 😛

What kind of wedding do you like most? a religious or civil wedding?

The World Is Not Enough asked:

i know that many people (specially non religious people) make civil weddings to look almost like traditional weddings,i mean everyone goes with very formal clothes, the bride with her traiditional white dress, there are also exchange rings vows, speeches, music, etc.

What material is used to make bridal dresses?

suzzie sue asked:

i would like to make my own bridal dresses for my shop.i dont know know any good shops in England where i can get the material.
Which is best satin or polyester/tafetta.
Where can i buy designs /patterns ?
I live in leicester if you know any good leicester shops please just let me know.


Bad Bridesmaid dress. what should I do?

not so happy bridesmaid.. asked:

So I am going to be in a wedding party. I dress conservatively because I am religious, not terribly so I just don’t wear tank tops or short skirts etc. I am not a big person, nor am I busty but I just don’t wear revealing clothes.
The bride is aware of this, she called me up today and told me that she had picked out the dress and that I needed to get fitted. She didn’t consult with me at all, I didn’t even know what the dress looked like and she hadn’t asked my opinion about what I wanted but I assumed that it would be something that I could wear.

Well the dress is strapless, knee length, and pink it also shows cleavage… I can handle the latter two but the first part isn’t something I am comfortable with. I just don’t know why she would pick a strapless dress when it’s not something I’d wear.. ergh.

Should I:
a. Ask her if I can wear a wrap in a coordinating color that she approves of which I don’t think she’ll allow because she’s a bit of a control freak.
b. flat out tell her that I am not okay with the style of the dress.
c. refuse to be in the wedding?

I really don’t want to be a pain in the butt bridesmaid but I really don’t want to wear that style of dress. I just wished she would have given me some kind of an option or at least asked my opinion… *sigh*

Where can I find wedding dresses for under $100? Are there resale shops that sale wedding dresses?

Kate-Ann asked:

One of my middle aged friends told how she gave her wedding dress to a resale shop and she said she did it because she knows that there are some young couples out here who don’t have much money, but they want a nice wedding gown and cant afford to pay over a certain amount.
Where can I get a wedding gown for under $100?
Do thrift stores sale wedding dresses?
What about flea markets?

What about this for my bridal party gift?

*~*Mommyof3lovies*~* asked:

I am on a tight budget so I was thinking about doing a gift bag with 3 or 4 items from bath and body works for my girls(I have 6) and then paying for them to get a pedicure the day of the wedding. What do you think? I don’t want to get cheesy crap they wont ever use. It is a beach wedding so they are going to want their toes done anyway and I know all of them love bath and body works.