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What kind of gifts do you give away at a bridal shower for the games?

Wondering asked:

What kind of gifts do you give away for the games you play at a bridal shower? Any ideas?

Ladies, have you planned a bridal shower and bachelorette party?

Ashalena Lynn asked:

Hi ladies,
I’m in my best friends wedding and we’re planning her bridal shower and bachelorette party soon. I need some awesome ideas! So would you please leave me some input? If you were/ are a bride to be, what are some things that you would want your girls to plan for you? If you’ve already done some planning, what were some great ideas that you used?
Thanks in advance!

No father of the bride?

sschultz89 asked:

I come from a average today family. Divorced parents step fathers, step mothers, and so forth. I want my brother to walk me down the aisle. I also want to have a bachelorette and bachelor party mixed. My brother is not that much older than I am. I want him to join us. When we go out I want clothes that mark the bride, groom, maid of honor, best man, and so on. What should I have printed on my brother’s shirt?

Bridal Boutiques in Calgary?

seriousannie23 asked:

Hi guys, I got engaged recently and I’m looking for the perfect boutique to go to for my wedding gown. I’m looking for something on the more exclusive side, my budget being somewhere between 3 to 10k. An appointment only place would be preferable. If I could get some links to online catalogs too that would be awesome

Which dress do you prefer?

just another girl asked:

For my debutante coming out ball i’m debating between 3 dresses and I need help deciding.

First Dress: ( I really like this one)

Second Dress: (this is my best friends favorite)

Third Dress:

which do you like best? Thank you


Does anyone make long sleeve wedding dresses anymore?

emtmommyamanda asked:

I am planning a winter wedding and I am having trouble finding a long sleeved dress. Does anyone make one anymore. It’s not that I’m the most modest woman ever I just want to be covered up. We are getting married in a church and I think I should not be showing it all off.

How do you clean white satin bridal shoes?

califonialove asked:

They have a a tiny bit of dirt at the tip. Should I do it myself, or take it to a professional. I don’t want ot ruin the shoe. Also, the same thing for getting my wedding dress cleaned. I wore it two weeks ago, and there’s no stain, but I do want to wash it before I put it up.

What are the different charities accepting wedding dresses?

Susan Jamison asked:

I am putting together a comprehensive list of good charities which seek donations of wedding dresses and put them to particularly good use. I know of 2 charities accepting wedding dresses and putting them to good use: one which helps Haiti ( (you can mail the gown to donate it) and one which helps low income brides ( Both of these are in Maryland. Do you know of others as good as these? I intend to publish a list on a website.

someone please help me?

Jennifer P asked:

I’m doing a research project and I hardly use the internet so I have difficulty paraphrasing stuff that I find.Also, english is my second language, so it takes me so long to paraphrase and summarize stuff.So, If you can, please paraphrase the following paragraph for me. thanks.

After this, “doli” takes place. It is departure of bride for the groom’s house. As she parts from her house, she throws back grains of rice, thereby wishing prosperity to the family she has left behind. When they reach the groom’s house, his mother take a vessel containing water and try to drink it after rounded it from their heads but the groom will stop her. After a few rounds, she drinks the water. Newly weds are welcomed in the house and they played number of traditional games. Later the bride changes into new clothes that are presented to her by the groom’s family.

What questions could I ask the groom for a bridal shower game?

Stephanie asked:

We are going to be playing 20 questions at a bridal shower coming up. We ask the groom things and then the bride has to guess what he said and if she doesn’t get it right she sticks a piece of gum in her mouth. (Just in case you never played)

Anyway I was wondering if any of you had some creative/fun questions to ask but that are also tasteful.

Thank you for your help.