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White and gold wedding dress! HELP?

Candycane asked:

Im wearing a white strapless wedding dress by Mori Lee. The dress is very similar to this one The wedding is in Feb 2010 what should my accent colors be? We are having a small wedding with “hopefully a big reception (comida “dinner”, band or dj) a traditional hispanic wedding with a modern twist. Help!!!! Thanks for any advice!
The bottom of the dress has gold jewels instead of silver

One more question about wedding dress.last one I promise?

ARMYwife<3 asked:

If I go to a bridal boutique & find a dress similar to the one that I really want but can’t afford, can they add stuff to the dress to make it look more like my “dream dress”?

OMG Help! I bought an Ivory dress now I’m scared it won’t go with the bridesmaid dresses. What do you think?

arie asked:

This is the bridesmaid dress

THis is my dress

Please give me your suggestions

How and when should wedding gifts be displayed at a bridal shower?

Helen♥ asked:

This is for a project where I have to plan my own wedding and I can’t find the answers to this. Please help me.

Thank you for your answers.


What should be written in a thank you card to someone who gave a gift, but did not attend the bridal shower?

peanutsss asked:

I just had my bridal shower, and I’m looking for a little help with what to write in my thank you cards. I have finished all of the cards for those who attended my shower (thanking them for coming to the shower and also for the gift, etc). However I cannot think of what else I can include for those who were not able to come, besides just thanking them for the gift. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

Kelly Star show

grzegorzborys asked:

Pokaz kolekcji Kelly Star

good place for custom wedding dresses in Seattle, WA?

Zerachiel asked:

well as luck would have it i find the most beautiful mori lee wedding gown. and i mean this is the one, and we go to put the money down on it to order it and find out the dress had been discontinued 3 days prior >< does anyone know of a really good place in the Seattle, WA area that does custom bridal gowns with beading and such

What are the most romantic bridal march songs?

Rome Apns asked:

My wedding is in December and my fiance assigned me to look for wedding songs. Any suggestions? Old songs or latest ones are welcome. Thank you so much.

I am also looking for cool songs for our wedding videos.. Thank you so much for any help!

Im thinking opening a business which hires Prom dresses, wedding dresses and accessories what do you think?

queenie asked:

ill buy dresses such as prom/evening dresses, wedding dresses and accessories such as tiaras etc.
i brought my dress from a similar business as i couldnt afford to buy one. i think its perfect for someone who is workign with a budget or doesnt want the dress after the night. All products will be cleaned after every customer. Would you hire a dress from a business like this?

Can you help me find tea-length ballgown wedding dresses?

♥maggie♥ asked:

I would like a garden wedding and think tea-length would be perfect. I always dreamed of a ballgown dress. I also want it strapless with a laced up back maybe with a bow on one side and some flowery or sparkly embellishments to go with the theme. I know of Stephanie James already, who specializes in tea-length dresses, but anyone else? THX!