February 7, 2011

Are you suppossed to give a gift for both the bridal shower and the wedding?

Eat Poetry asked: My cousin is getting married in October, and her bridal shower is in August. Am i expected to get her a seperate gift […]
February 6, 2011

Wedding Clothes?

MonaMayfair asked: What a dilemma, I am going to a wedding that my boyfirend is in. But my boyfriend’s ex is in it as well. So […]
February 6, 2011

how much would it cost to take up the bottom of a wedding dress and put fabric in the back? it laces no beads?

vics wife asked: me and my husband got married already, but we decided to have our wedding later. between this time we found out we were […]
February 5, 2011

Where can I buy wedding dresses in San Juan, Puerto Rico?

splat asked: I’m planning a trip over to Puerto Rico to shop for wedding dresses – and having no luck online finding numbers to make appointments. […]