January 8, 2011

How long before the wedding do you have the Bridal Shower?

Jennifer F asked: How soon before the wedding do you usually have the Bridal Shower? How late would be too late? My MOH lives out of […]
January 7, 2011

The best tea sandwiches for a bridal shower?

jessiebell asked: Would like a few suggestions for tea sandwiches to make for a bridal shower. Which ones do you think would be the most popular. […]
January 7, 2011

Does anyone know a site for wedding dresses that has a lot of stock for fast shipping?

shimeringstars01 asked: I noticed that most of the websites for wedding gowns say that they will take at least 6 weeks to get the dress so […]
January 6, 2011

Looking for Mori Lee 6132 Wedding Dress?

daydreamergirl247 asked: My wedding isn’t until Oct. 11, 2008. I have see what the dress looks like and I love it. The only problem is that […]