What kind of gift are you supposed to get for a bridal shower?

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What kind of gift are you supposed to get for a bridal shower?

ang asked:

I’ve never been to a bridal shower before and the bride and groom are not registered anywhere. I don’t know what they need for their house they have lived together for years. Do I buy something just for the bride or is it a gift for both of them? Any ideas are appreciated.


  1. mlynn_4 says:

    You could always find out if they’re registered somewhere. That way you can find a list of things they’ve requested as gifts. If nothing else, a Wal-Mart, Target, or other store gift card works wonderfully.

  2. Sprige says:

    How about a pretty photo album?Or some silk flowers wrapped in pretty paper and she can arrange them how she likes.or his and her bathroom towels?

  3. theone says:

    Give a gift card to like Crate and Barrel or any kitchen store in your area.

  4. 33 says:

    you could give the bride anything that could be used in her new home. such as:
    crock pot
    clothes pins
    laundry detergent
    cleaning materials
    wind chimes
    salt and pepper shakers
    picture frames

    my sister got married last October, and these are some of the things that she got at her bridal shower.

  5. Alicia F says:

    Every single guest at my shower gave me something off the registry my husband and I made at bed bath and beyond. Actually, one person gave me scrapbooking stuff, which I thought was thoughtful. Usually, you would buy something that both would benefit from. Even lingerie benefits both the bride and groom.

  6. ♫ Bell ♪ says:

    go with a gift card, you can’t never loose with that. they have the ones at the mall, they can shop where ever they want to.

  7. karenc17psu says:

    Some things are great all-around wedding and shower gifts like a crystal vase or dish or a nice picture frame. The Knot has some great gifty things on their Knot Store page. And if they’re not registered anywhere and you end up getting them something that they already have, that’s their fault for not registering!

  8. Julie says:

    If you know the well then you can buy her something for the honeymoon. If not, then a gift card is always good. Maybe even a gift card to a day spa. Every bride would love that.

  9. MissLoriSunshine says:

    an american express gift card would be nice with maybe a small gift (scrapbook album, photo album etc) that way they can get anything they need and still have something sentimental from you to keep

  10. Shanesgrl says:

    A bridal shower and wedding gift are two completely different things. For the wedding gift, definitely check the registry. But, a bridal shower is supposed to be fun and a Little risque! Try novelty gifts or lingerie. A nightie always saves the day! And, everybody loves massage oils and stuff like that. If you’re still not sure get a gift card so she can pick out her own things. But, that takes a Little of the fun out of it.

  11. Ailane says:

    for bridal showers you just give a gift for the girl…i recommend a victorias secret giftcard….or look online at wedding shops and get a t-shirt for her that says I love Mike (whatever his name is).

  12. Sophiesmama says:

    If they are not registered anywhere, you can get nice towel sets for the bathroom, a beautiful picture frame for a wedding picture to be put in, maybe some champagne and wine glasses, a crystal vase, things like that.

  13. leapyrangels says:

    a person ususally buys something for the bride and groom’s home. silverware,dinnerware,coffeemaker,towels, sheet sets, picture frames maybe a nice one to put their wedding picture in. glassware set , picture albums, tea set, wine glasses.

  14. mopvt says:

    Well, it depends on the “theme” of the shower. Sometimes its a lingerie theme, other times it’s whatever is on their register list. Usually its a gift for both of them- at least something they both can use.

    Since they’re not registered, I would do something personal. Someone else suggested a photo album which is a great idea. Another idea is to put together a cookbook with some of your favorite recipes. If you’re crafty and creative, you can make them something for their home. If all else fails, get them a gift certificate to somewhere you know they’d appreciate (Sam’s Club, their favorite restaurant, etc)

    Good luck!

  15. The Mrs.™ says:

    Since they live together they probably already have the basic things that most couples would put on their registries. I would try to find something fun like a fajita maker or maybe something you know they both love. Maybe there is something in your home, that you use, that you think no one should be with out but is something that many people may not think about getting. Picture frames are good as well.

  16. Christina V says:

    i would make SURE there was no registry first. then i would be creative. i got as a gift one time a wedding cake made of towels 🙂 then as decorations on the towels were measuring spoons, pot holders, the small things you need in the kitchen. it looked so nice on my present table.

    something else that i got that was not on my registry was a small George foreman grill. OMG we love that thing to death. 🙂 and if they do not like/need it, they can regift it later at christmas time (i know that sounds bad, but some view it as a postive thing).

  17. ? says:

    First it depends on who is all coming to this bridal shower. If its her family and friend try to keep it clean like a silk night gown and robe. If its just her and friends get something sexy. Think along the lines that your buying her a gift for her that her husband will enjoy removing. Also the BRIDAL shower is just for the bride. You get a gift for both of them when you go to the wedding and not something for the house. Something that both of them will enjoy. They should have a register for this. Have Fun.

  18. Lydia says:

    A shower gift is a gift for the couple – for the home. There are a myriad of things to get – some of the things we really appreciated having gotten for our shower were nice towel sets, kitchen linens, tablecloth, real Tupperware, a plant urn for outside, a pottery teapot and mugs (given separately by two sisters who were my friends, the set was handmade)… Just choose something you think they might like… and you don’t have to spend lots. The wedding gift is the more substantial one.

  19. Yazoo says:

    I would call her mother, sister, or maid of honor and ask your question. Most wedding shower gifts are for household items the couple may need.

  20. trpaz2979 says:

    I would call the host of the shower and ask for any information she can provide. If the shower has a theme, such as a “personal shower,” you can bring something for the bride, like lingerie or bath products. A really easy way to cover all of your bases is to buy a gift card for the couple for a common store, such as Bed Bath and Beyond. One of the best gift cards we received was to Home Depot. So many people think about helping you furnish a home, but forget that you have to take care of it as well.

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