Wedding planners in Cairo, Egypt. Nothing sophisticated just help with simple stuff?

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July 29, 2011
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Wedding planners in Cairo, Egypt. Nothing sophisticated just help with simple stuff?

bblue asked:

I’ve heard that wedding planning is a new thing in Egypt and its very expensive. So if I need someone to help with the bride going out buying make up dress search hair products clothes accessories and how to get the bride fully ready, and I mean someone nice, how much would that cost and does anyone know anything about this? Anything would help.


  1. 3333 says:

    i know one person that is really nice and doesnt cost much. dont know what kind of wedding u want but u said simple bride stuff, she does go out with u, shop with u, she’s very honest and wouldnt rip u off like everyone else, she will spend as much time as u want until u find what satisfies u, she has a very good taste, for the dress, make up (and she can do ur make up if u want she did it for many brides and was wonderful) she’ll show u where to go and get NICE stuff, she’s very nice and friendly and she enjoys what she does, she is the BEST one in egypt specially for foreigners because their choices are usually different, i really recommend her and im glad u posted this question. go ahead and contact her make sure u let me know how it went and best wishes.

  2. JMD says:

    An Egyptian Experience

    When deciding on a honeymoon destination, one of the most crucial points to consider is the uniqueness of the experience. You want it to be a holiday you’ll never forget. Venturing away from the stereotype is always a good idea, and a honeymoon in Egypt will give you the excitement of mystical cities, beautiful surroundings and unforgettable nights.

    1. Camel Riding Across the Deserts

    An extremely fun and exciting activity for couples on honeymoon in Egypt, is to go camel riding across the vast desert. An early start will give you time to watch the sun rising above the stretching sands, and a romantic breakfast for two will be a great start to your day. And you’ll need the energy too, because you’ll be crossing the desert atop a camel!

    There are many different tours to choose from, where you will be led by a knowledgeable guide across the sands. Once you’ve mounted your camel, you’ll set off into the desert in the direction of the Pyramids of Giza. A Cairo honeymoon can offer you this unique experience, which is ultimately romantic and exciting.

    2. Romantic Dining in the Sky

    It’s not every day that you get to dine on the 42nd floor in a revolving restaurant with glass walls. This is an experience you simply can’t miss when on a honeymoon in Cairo.

    High above the other buildings, you have an exceptional view of the twinkling lights of this city which comes alive at night. It will certainly be an experience of luxury and fine-dining, in a particularly romantic setting. French cuisine accompanied by superb wine will certainly leave you feeling satisfied.

    3. Cairo’s Classical Touch

    A night of classical music or dancing can be a romantic way to spend an evening on honeymoon in Egypt. The Cairo Opera House offers a grand evening out. It is a 7 story house at the Gezira Exhibition Ground, built in 1988. It was designed by a team of Japanese and Egyptian architects, and together they created a glamorous building of Islamic design.

    The main theater can seat 1200 people, where operas, ballets and classical music performances are staged. This would certainly make for an enjoyable night out while on a Cairo honeymoon. Another of its theaters is open-air, and you can have a magical evening under the stars as you enjoy Arabic music and dance shows.

    4. Some Serious Shopping

    The market of Khan el-Khalili was built in 1382 by the Emir Djaharks el-Khalili in the heart of the Fatimad City. While you may not consider a shopping excursion to be the most romantic way to spend a day on honeymoon in Egypt, imagine the exquisite gold and silver jewelery that you could buy (or could be bought for you!).

    Khan el-Khalili represents the market tradition which established Cairo as a major center of trade, and visiting the market is more about its history and tradition than a simple shopping trip.

    5. A Starlit Nile Cruise

    As an end to your honeymoon in Egypt, you could go for a sunset cruise down the Nile, finishing off once the sky is filled with stars. Sail down the river as you enjoy a delicious three-course dinner, and then sit back and relax while you are entertained by Folklore music and dancing.

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