What are good ways to use peacock feathers in our wedding?

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July 28, 2011
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What are good ways to use peacock feathers in our wedding?

beth s asked:

My guy and i both love male peacock tail feathers. We’re have a loose theme of noble medieval but it’s only strict in the bride parties clothes. any ideas how we could use these would be great. pictures even better thank you. Repeat ideas do not have to be for medieval theme
i’m very into animal rights soo yes i’m making sure their cruelty-free


  1. Linda says:

    Ask your florist to put them in your bouquet and in your centerpieces.

  2. Shannon Michelle says:

    I found this link on Offbeatbride.com

  3. Rachel-waiting for 11/21/09 says:

    I’ve seen lots of centerpiece ides that incorporate peacock feathers. Even if you don’t do floral centerpieces, you could do a very eye-catching display with a few peacock feathers in a tall vase with sticks and hanging crystals or something like that.

  4. miss_nikki says:

    I like the idea of feathers:
    1. In the bouquets and buttoinierers
    2. on the flower girls basket and/or the ring bearer’s pillow
    3. attached to the pen with the guestbook
    4. in the bride’s hair
    5. on the unity candle
    6. in the centerpieces
    (yes, those are ostrich, but you get the point)
    7. on the programs
    8. on the cake
    9. on the garter

    Of course don’t do it everywhere mentioned, but this extensive list as a starting point and shows that you can pretty much put them anywhere. 😉

  5. Tricia G says:

    I think you should incorporate them in your centerpieces and possibly in the bouquets or boutonnieres. I am not suggesting full tail feathers in the bouquets or boutonnieres. For the boutonnieres, it would just be the eye and just a little bit more of the feather on the bouquets.

    Just enough so that the two of you know this element is there without turning it into a burlesque show. LOL.

    My husband and I (well…me) had a lot of small details in our wedding stuff that no one would see but us. And that was OK, because we would know that they were there and smile. Those elements were there for us.

  6. Ms. X says:

    Make sure any peacock feathers you use are cruelty-free and naturally shed, as opposed to from killed birds. Otherwise, the feathers are best left on the peacock.

  7. grammie says:

    Use them on your Cake. Incorporate them on the cake topper.

  8. autumn says:

    if you want them on the bridal party you could try some kind of feather in the hair. below are some links you could follow to see what it would look like. hope this helps

    here are some other ideas with pictures. like


    or a bouquet—–

    hope this helps

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