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I am trying to find some wedding dresses?

Alice K asked:

I am not able to find the dress LILIAN from La Sposa and I am also looking for an AIRE BARCELONA bridal store in San Diego or La Jolla area.
I can’t find the first one anywhere on the net, I need to findout a price estimate.

Can anyone help me with this?
Thank you in advance for helping a future bride in need:)

wedding color ideas?

mikki_d_98 asked:

i was originally going to have my wedding in october with a fall theme, but my brother is coming home from the army (only a month before iraq) in november, so i’m thinking of playing it safe and having the wedding in december. since i was originally going to get married outside, i need to be sure that my colors go with the church now.
the carpet in the church is hunter green. my dress is white. i’m thinking black and white with crystals. maybe throw in some red. i’d like it to be a paris theme (mainly eiffel tower).
any suggestions for flowers, centerpieces are welcome!!
fyi, i’m not a millionaire. somedays i’m not even a hundred-aire!!

Where can I find Aire Barcelona wedding dresses in Canada?

lifeasadoll asked:

More specifically I live in Ontario, and would like to know if there is anywhere other then the states.

Does anyone know of a UK retailer of Aire Collection Barcelona Wedding Dresses?

Abi B asked:

I have fallen in love the the Bobbie dress and have found an American site where I can buy it online, but I’d want to try it on first – does anyone know of a bridal shop in the UK which stocks them so that I can try one?

How much are Aire Barcelona dresses?

crazy beautiful asked:

Has anyone looked or purchaced a dress from this designer? I am completely in love! They dont care the line in any stores in my city so I can’t phone and ask. Just curious if it’s going to be way out of my buget or not.

What shoes should I wear with my wedding dress?

TappingMachine asked:

Here is a link to the picture of my wedding dress for this summer. It is an outdoor vintage/romantic themed wedding and I don’t know what shoes to wear! I can’t wear a small heal because they will sink into the grass. Any suggestions or links to websites with cute shoes for weddings? If the link below doesn’t work, just google image “Aire Barcelona – Belga”,r:0,s:24&tx=42&ty=63&biw=1366&bih=639

How much do Aire Barcelona Wedding Dresses Normally Run?

Janey asked:

I saw this dress in a magazine, and I cannot really navigate the website to try and decipher where I would call to find out the price of the dress. I love this dress and I want to know how feasible/unreasonable it would be for me to continue to covet it or actually save to buy it. Can anyone help from experience?