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Is it rude to register at multiple places for my bridal shower?

The New Mrs. Walker!!! asked:

I would like to register at Target for everyday household needs, William & Sonoma for kitchen stuff and Linens and Things for our bedroom linens. Is that tacky or is that ok. Note that we do have about 400 people invited to the wedding. Thank You!

Does anyone know of a good website to buy bridal fabric online?

AnthroGeek asked:

My future MIL and I are making my wedding dress and I’m having a difficult time finding the fabric I want. I’m looking for a very light pink bridal satin (duchess satin, silk satin). Thank you in advance!

How do you make the Wishing Well for the Bridal Shower?

SS asked:

I know you need a garbage can,poles,a large card broads.I need more information on it,how to make.

How much time before someone’s wedding do you throw a bridal shower?

Boom Boom! asked:

So I am maid of honor at my bestest girl’s wedding, which is on Feb. 7th. 2009….so I am responsible for throwing the bridal shower…My question is, should I be planning for it now? Which month should it be? I was thinking maybe the end of October/early November but maybe thats to early….All suggestions would be greatly appreciated 😉

What type of gifts do you give at a fairy tale theme bridal shower?

samantha m asked:

I’m throwing my sister’s bridal shower and she wants a fairy tale theme. We have the favors picked out, but we’re both clueless about what to give as prizes for those who win the games. We’d like to keep them in the same theme. Any suggestions?

What kind of gift are you supposed to get for a bridal shower?

ang asked:

I’ve never been to a bridal shower before and the bride and groom are not registered anywhere. I don’t know what they need for their house they have lived together for years. Do I buy something just for the bride or is it a gift for both of them? Any ideas are appreciated.

Do you need to make an appointment for a prom dress at Davids Bridal?

Shylee V asked:

I want to go shopping for a prom dress and I want to stop into Davids Bridal to look at their prom and party dresses but I was wondering if I needed to make an appointment to just look at the dresses or if I can just stop in randomly. I don’t really want to make an appointment for this.
Are the appointments only for when women are looking for wedding dresses?
best answer gets 10 points!!!

Is sending thank you cards enough for the appreciation to come to my bridal shower?

kunchobidog asked:

I want to thank all the people who made time to come to my bridal shower. I want to get gifts for the sisters-in-law(and they are also my bridesmaids) who planned everything but is it ok to just send thank you cards for the others who came to the shower?

Can someone please give me a list of different bridal magazines?

Rachel Private asked:

I need a list of different bridal magazines. And if the magazines have websites please give me those as well. I’m looking for a certain one but I have no idea what its called so please just tell me of all the ones you know. Also if anyone knows where I can buy previous issues of magazines please tell me. Thank you^_^

Does anyone know where I can find free printable Bridal shower games?

Jo asked:

Does anyone know where I can find Bridal Shower games? Every site I go to wants you to down load a tool-bar or charge you for them. I just want some free printable games. Can anyone help?