Bride To Be Clothes

April 29, 2011

What are some things that would be INAPPROPRIATE to throw at the bride & groom after their wedding?

spun_up_06 asked: How about COOKED rice? Nice and hot, and would stick to their clothes in disgusting lumps! 😛
April 29, 2011

What kind of wedding do you like most? a religious or civil wedding?

The World Is Not Enough asked: i know that many people (specially non religious people) make civil weddings to look almost like traditional weddings,i mean everyone […]
April 28, 2011

Bad Bridesmaid dress. what should I do?

not so happy bridesmaid.. asked: So I am going to be in a wedding party. I dress conservatively because I am religious, not terribly so I […]
April 25, 2011

Jewish wedding clothing?

lizapt asked: I was asked to find out what kind of clothing the bride and groom wear in a jewish wedding and the colors and materials […]