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How hot are long, traditional wedding dresses?

Bl♥ndy 15.08.11 asked:

I am getting married in August, and summers here get HOT (30+ Celsius, 86+ in F) and humid. Our ceremony will be outside, and we have a great private garden reserved with our reception room. I am on the fence between a short wedding dress and a long flowy one. I really don’t want to be uncomfortable, and want to stay cool so my makeup doesn’t melt off and my hair doesn’t go flat.

To those that have worn full-length dresses in the summer, were you comfortable? Not just temperature-wise, but for sitting, dancing, etc.


What colour bridesmaid dresses would match a Champagne coloured Wedding Dress?

tippcailin asked:

Im bridesmaid for my sister and her Wedding dress is a champagne colour, any ideas for nice colours for the bridesmaid dresses that would be nice with champagne. Thanks

Is there a website or store that offers custom made wedding dresses?

Mariposa asked:

I saw most beautiful dress… (the one Ginger Rogers wore in “The Barkelys of Broadway” during the “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” number). I am getting married next year and I would love to duplicate that dress for my wedding. Does anyone know where I could find sites or actual stores that specialize in custom made dresses? I’ve already tried Googling, and couldn’t find anything. Anyone had something like this done?

Where can I find plus size wedding dresses in Dallas TX?

that_photo_chick07 asked:

I am planning on being Dallas in August and I wanted to take a friend to try on wedding dresses for her upcoming wedding. We are both plus sized girls and would feel more comfortable in a store that either specializes or at least has plus sizes. Names, addresses and phone numbers would be great, and the person to give them to me, gets best answer!

What do you think of wedding dresses in color?

Angee asked:

I’m getting married next year I designed and I’m making my own wedding dress,Since this is both of our second wedding we want to be a little untraditional.If you think about it,when your looking for a wedding dress in a differant color then white,off white or ivory and maybe black all you can find is prom dresses.your wedding should be exactly what you want.And for the untraditional bride I think there should be beautiful wedding gowns in shades from the lightest pink to the darkest blue what do you think?

Does anyone know where to find nice wedding dresses?

Lauren Baby asked:

I would like it to be simple but nice. My wedding is going to be a Pagan Handfasting, so I would love something hippie-ish and natural. But I would like to see any dresses to keep my options open. Thanks in advance.

How much should I expect to pay for a custom wedding dress and five bridesmaid dresses in the UK?

guiltytrees asked:

I am getting married soon and want to have my own personally designed custom wedding dress, with beading and lots of detail. I also want to get five bespoke bridesmaid dresses made as well. I’m not looking to pay for Vera Wang or anything but I was wondering how much should I expect to pay for the wedding gown and the five dresses in total? If anyone can help I would be really grateful as I need to plan my budget asap.

Shopping for wedding dresses and leaving people out?

Chelsea Wish asked:

My mom and sister are of course invited and wanting to come wedding dress shopping with me. But I do not want my aunts and cousins’ wives and my in laws there. I think that when you get so many people who want to insert their opinion on the wedding dress and I don’t wanna deal with that many opinions and trying to really get what i want for our wedding day. My parents are buying it and my sister is the maid of honor

How much does manufacturing a line of wedding dresses cost?

bestgirl4u05 asked:

Iv been working on some designs for wedding dresses and would like to start a business sometime in the next two to three years, starting out by making a few dresses on my own and then once it picks up getting my line manufactured. Where is the best place to get dresses manufactured and how much does it cost?

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grzegorzborys asked:

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