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What kind of bra to wear with my wedding dress?

Danielle asked:

I have a low back mori lee dress, and 36dd breasts. They’re given from God so they arent as perky as they should be. What kind of bra should I wear with my dress? Links and prices please. Btw, I want them up high with as much cleavage as I can muster. Lol.


  1. GMc says:

    Ask the place where you bought the dress.

  2. LongLiveTheQueenB. says:

    Is it strappless? If you’re from Australia, you can go to Bras N’ Things and they have heaps of convertable push up bras that are designed for low back dresses.

    Any good specialised underwear store (wherever you are in the world) should have this kind of bra. Just ask one of the assistants.

  3. Margot says:

    Go to a specialty bra store and tell them that you want a strapless/backless bra to wear with your wedding dress. This is what they do for a living. Have them fit you for the bra to make sure that your cup and band size are correct…most women wear the wrong size bra. And you really need one of those 60 year old Jewish women to feel you up to get the right bra. LOL.

    My band size is smaller than yours and unfortunately my cup size is larger than yours. (Although my husband considers himself fortunate. LOL.) Anyway, having the “body armor” as I like to refer to wedding day undergarments kept everything perky.

    Actually, a well-fitting bra is a great investment. Even strippers don’t get their breasts augmented to the size that mine are. And after getting fitted at the specialty store, my breastesses are no longer close personal friends with my belly button.

  4. FL says:

    Bridal Caress Too Gel Strap Bra
    Style: 570010226

    Plunge multi-way bra with gel curve
    #258-499 $50
    Victoria’s Secret>>>>they have a large variety and might be local to you for fitting.

    also has good information about choosing your best bra

    These folks off a good deal of information about sizing and proper fit…seem full figures like yours would be more comfortable in a long line to give you that deep plunge/cleavage you want. Here’s their website:

    Hope all this helps…make it comfortable, you’ll be in it a while…wear it for a couple hours a couple days before the wedding…maybe even wash it first so its not itchy/scratchy on the big day.

  5. shelly says:

    Find a push-up bra with a low back

  6. Jennifer says:

    where i got mine from, Very good and well fitting.

  7. nova_queen_28 says:

    A Strapless longline bra would probably be your best bet.
    Here is one for $46:
    This site also has a nice one by Goddess, which is an EXCELLENT brand.

    I don’t know where you normally buy your bras but I strongly suggest you find a lingerie/bra shop and get properly fitted (strapless can sometimes change your size a little).
    I am a bit bigger than you in the cup size and I cannot shop in department stores so I know where my local shop is.

    Once you are 100% sure of your size, you can try — but it is often hard to know what size you are over the ‘net.

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