Bridal Dresses

July 15, 2011

Where can I find used Davids Bridal dresses online?

Alicia asked: I found the perfect dress at David’s Bridal but it’s about twice the price of what I can pay. I tried looking on ebay […]
June 19, 2011

Do bridal stores make the dresses that you can buy there?

LukaBeanz asked: When my Aunt got married we went to a store that sold specifically bridal gowns and things for bridesmaids. I was just wondering where […]
June 11, 2011

What is the best website to look for wedding dresses?

Weed Skank
May 20, 2011

Good places to find bridal party dresses?

Tasha asked: What are some good places to find dresses for a bridal party (mainly the bridesmaids dresses, shoes etc.) And what are links to their […]