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when does the bride give the bridal party the clothes they are wearing to the wedding?

amity asked:

just wondering if there is a right or wrong way

How do you plan a bridal party meeting?

Sensual Seduction asked:

My wedding is Feb 13th 2010. I want to have the first meeting in June for the individuals we have selected to be apart of our wedding. What do I need to tell them at the meeting and should I have a package prepared? Are they any website to help with this?

What do you wear to a Bridal shower Tea party?

mamichula0883 asked:

Im going to a tea party themed bridal shower and i need some fashion advice. What do you wear to a tea party? A girl thats going too just told me that we need to wear dresses w/”Sunday’s best Hats.” What hat and/or dress would be appropriate for this?

What to expect on my first bridal party gig?

kema84 asked:

I have a wedding in two weeks with my first bride. I know how to do bridal makeup because I have done friends and family members weddings. I just want to know what a MUA for a paying bride is supposed to do when they first get to the location? What things are required for an on location wedding vs a home set up? If there are any bridal MUA’s please answer and add anything you feel I need to know or have forgotten to mention.

did a lot for friend and she asked a lazy girl to be maid of honor. Wants me to do all the work?

Lydia C asked:

I’ve been by my friends side through 2 surgeries, a fire to her house and an emotional loss to her BF that passed away, all of which my health wasn’t so great and after surgery myself. I helped get clothing for her new BF after the house loss and for her, arraigned for a “house building fund”. The problem is. They are getting married and she asked this lazy friend to be her maid of honor and I’m the brides maid. This girl hasn’t asked for a list of names to put on a shower, so my friend is asking me to do this, which isn’t my place. I also had to be a taxi to this lazy friend of her’s, which I know from this one party she didn’t give gas money. I’m ready to pull out. Need some advise. I did tell my friend NO to this bridal party, and why…she picked the wrong person as I would have had it done by now.

Can you recommend a good custom bridal jewelry designer?

colorhappy asked:

I’m looking for custom jewelry for the whole bridal party. Thanks in advance!

When should I start worrying about getting tuxedos for my bridal party?

Heather asked:

I am getting married in June and am trying to figure out when we should start picking out the tuxedos for the bridal party. I want all of the tuxedos to match except for various vest colors. We are also looking into renting our limousine through the tuxedo shop. They run special promotions like if you buy x amount of tuxes they give you x amount of hours free. So if you or anybody you know has gotten married and would like to share your experience I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance. Have a great day!
Yes I know that this is usually the grooms job but we are planning this wedding together. He will be with me at the tuxedo shop and have just as much say so as I do. But I am the one that is going to be calling the tuxedo shop for appointments and renting the limousine. If it were up to him he would do it one week before. lol

How to be a realistic maid of honor and plan a bridal shower and bachelorette party?

Blue Blue asked:

How do i plan a bachelorette party AND bridal shower for someone out of state when you are broke, don’t’ know what your schedule is like, dont’ know if they are coming in town for the bridal shower or the B party, and just completely broke, is it a surprise?, if so which one? or how do you make it a surprise when you don’t know who to invite or when, or what I am supposed to spend? I’ve never been to a bridal shower, or bachelorette party HELP!!

Ladies, have you planned a bridal shower and bachelorette party?

Ashalena Lynn asked:

Hi ladies,
I’m in my best friends wedding and we’re planning her bridal shower and bachelorette party soon. I need some awesome ideas! So would you please leave me some input? If you were/ are a bride to be, what are some things that you would want your girls to plan for you? If you’ve already done some planning, what were some great ideas that you used?
Thanks in advance!

Good places to find bridal party dresses?

Tasha asked:

What are some good places to find dresses for a bridal party (mainly the bridesmaids dresses, shoes etc.) And what are links to their sites? Thank you!