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Does anyone know of a UK retailer of Aire Collection Barcelona Wedding Dresses?

Abi B asked:

I have fallen in love the the Bobbie dress and have found an American site where I can buy it online, but I’d want to try it on first – does anyone know of a bridal shop in the UK which stocks them so that I can try one?

What is involved in starting your own bridal shop?

blah blah blah asked:

I would like to know how much money you need for start up, and on hand each month. Expenses, including inventory, rent, bills, etc. Don’t sugar coat it either. I need a realistic view. As much information as I can get please. Thanks.

Does anyone know a bridal shop in Wisconsin the sells second hand Bridal gowns?

italianczechchic12 asked:

I am looking for a shop of some sort that sells second hand/gently used wedding gowns. I know Goodwill or Vinnies may have them but I am looking more for a store/shop that more specializes in it.
Any suggestions will help. Thank you!

Does the bride rent wedding dresses or can they buy them?

angefrancaise015 asked:

When a couple get married, does the bride rent her wedding dress from a bridal shop or can she actually buy the wedding dress to keep permanently? I’ve seen a lot of wedding dresses in the bridal stores and I was wondering if it’s traditional to rent a wedding dress or just buy one.

What material is used to make bridal dresses?

suzzie sue asked:

i would like to make my own bridal dresses for my shop.i dont know know any good shops in England where i can get the material.
Which is best satin or polyester/tafetta.
Where can i buy designs /patterns ?
I live in leicester if you know any good leicester shops please just let me know.


What is appropriate to wear when shopping for wedding dresses?

Tracy asked:

I’m going wedding dress shopping for the first time next weekend and don’t know what is acceptable and appropriate to wear to the bridal salons to shop in.

How do I become an authorized retailer for certain bridal companies?

blah blah blah asked:

I want to open a bridal shop (eventually) I’m just in the beginning stages of planning (business plan, etc.) I was wondering when do you become an authorized retailer? And how? Should it be a month or two before you open? Thanks in advance 🙂
Thanks, but I don’t live in a big city. I live in Michigan.

I received a deffective Maggie Sottero wedding gown :'( ?

maimai asked:

I ordered a Maggie Sottero wedding dress through a bridal shop, style SSM5078, here’s the link
I ordered it in petite because I’m short (meaning: they take 3 inches off the legth from the front only). I went to pick up the dress yesterday, i tried it on and could tell something is wrong in the legnth. My mom said she could probably fix it, so we took it home. today we were looking at the dress and realized that the dress is a complete disaster. The manufaturer tool 3 inches off the back instead of the front from the top layer, and there is no way that the dress can be fixed :'( My wedding is in 3 weeks and I dont know what to do now, I dont have a wedding dress, and I cant wear the dress of my dreams because its completely not fixable. Do you think the bridal store will be able to get another one in 2 weeks! I doubt it. WHAT DO I DOOO!!

Do you think a white bustier from a bridal shop would work for a tutu bodice?

Pixiep asked:

I need it to be blue and can’t dye it but I think I can add fabric over the top… I am not talented enough nor do I have time to start from scratch so I was thinking this would be a good base.. I am doing the blue bird pas de duex. Any help would be appreciated!

Mori Lee Wedding Dress STYLE #5101?

Ashley A asked:

so i finally found the wedding dress of my dreams and it turns out its a little over my price range at the Bridal Shop I tried it on at. I’ve searched and searched for it online and had no luck finding it whatsoever…I was told this dress was an exclusive Mori Lee dress from Fall 2006 style #5101. Has anyone ever seen this dress or know where i can find it at? i live in Ventura, California.