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What is the best bridal shower you have ever been to?

merry cate asked:

I’ve been to a lot of bridal showers and they tend to be boring and slow-moving. Now I am hosting one and would love to know what are the DO’s and DON’Ts – I want it to be fun for the bride and her guests. It’s going to be a big one – about 80 ladies.
I can’t understand why this question didn’t post??? There is no violation of any guidelines???

What is the proper etiquette for inviting people to bridal showers? Do you only invite a person once?

Mam asked:

My daughter is estimating around 3 bridal showers. Can she ask the same person to more than one.

Is it proper etiquette to have a bridal shower if you have been married before?

Bob the Helper asked:

As I understand it, a baby shower is only held for a woman’s first child. Does the same rule of appropriateness apply to bridal showers (or bachelorette parties)?

How to act when coworkers hold bridal showers for others and not for you? This is my second wedding?

Regretful asked:

At my school three more teachers are getting married in the summer. They sent out an invitation via email to the entire school for their bridal showers but they did not include me! What should I say or act?

When is a good time to throw a bridal shower?

Mrs. Dwight asked:

My friend is getting married March 13th, when would be a good time to throw her bridal shower? I was planning February something, but then thought maybe it should be a little sooner. What do you think? Are bridal showers usually a month before the wedding? Also, what day is good for a shower. When you go to bridal showers, do you prefer them to be Friday evening, Saturday morning, or Sunday afternoon?

Why is it considered inappropriate for family to throw bridal showers?

Thriftmaster asked:

I understand if the parents are paying for the wedding or the bride still lives at home, but what about in this day and age where many couples are already out of the nest and are paying for their own nuptials? How is it construed as a gift grab if an aunt or uncle pay for the shower but the couple is actually paying for the entire wedding? I don’t get the rationale.

* Please don’t be rude and please read all the details before answering. Thank you!
Honestly, isn’t a bridal shower the same event no matter who pays for it? I DO think it would seem tacky if the bride threw her own shower, but other than that…?
I’d never heard it was inappropriate either until i came on here. maybe one of our enlightened etiquette nazis could tell us?
I love how someone keeps thumbing people down but won’t actually answer the question.
To whoever reported this: Booyah, in your face. I won my appeal and they reposted it. Quit trolling my questions.

What gift did you give your bridal shower hostesses?

mudpie asked:

I want to give my bridal showers hostesses a thank you gift for hosting my special shower. What would be a good gift?

What is the proper etiquette for inviting guests to a bridal shower?

Mailei asked:

Are you supposed to invite all the women who are invited to the wedding? My fiance’s family is originally from Mexico and I’m not sure about the customs (or if they even throw the equivalent to bridal showers) nor am I close to the women on his family. Should I still invite them?

When did bridal showers and bachelorette parties become entitlements?

Tulla asked:

I agree that every bridal party should care for their bride enough to throw them a shower and a bachelorette party. However, I am in a wedding this year and the bride is acting like these things are entitlements rather than gifts or genstures from her bridal party. She has laid out explicitly what she wants for both and both are pretty over the top. She wanted a shower a year before the wedding because she scheduled to move into her house then and wanted to have everything all at once. She scheduled a ridiculous bachelorette party a week before Christmas and created a detailed itinerary for the day, indicated that we must have t-shirts made with a “catchy phrase” about her. Isn’t that stuff that the bridal party should come up with? I feel like we can’t do anything nice for her because she’s being too specific. Shouldn’t you let the bridal party act on their own? I agree that every bride should give the girls an idea of what they want but not like this.
To give a little more detail to the bachelorette party around the holidays- 30 bars in 8 hours, rented bus and of course the t-shirts with the phrase. She offered to pay if the cost got out of controll.

How many of you have had a small bridal shower?

Niki asked:

I don’t have an enormous amount of friends and my family is small. Unfortantely, my mom is the only one that can go to my bridal shower because it is to far for other family members on my side of the family and my friends are just five people. So, in total there will be about 15 people in my bridal shower…I feel like such a loser! I always hear bridal showers are suppose to be big