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Islamic wedding: clothing of bride and groom?


I am marrying my fiance, i’m christian and he is muslim. he says he wants me to revert but it is my choice. By far this is the best relationship i’ve ever had in my entire life wear he truly did get to know me and not pressured me into sex (he won’t touch me till Nikah/wedding) This is the most respectful man out of any American men I’ve met, and he was not raised here but in Iran, A TRULY good person, soon we will have our Nikah.

I have looked up some videos but they weren’t too helpful. what kind of clothing does the Bride wear? and what kind of clothes does the Groom wear? there seems to be a large variety… send me helpful links and images if possible.


What kind of gift are you supposed to get for a bridal shower?

ang asked:

I’ve never been to a bridal shower before and the bride and groom are not registered anywhere. I don’t know what they need for their house they have lived together for years. Do I buy something just for the bride or is it a gift for both of them? Any ideas are appreciated.

please help me :'(:'(.I BEG OF YOU?

shlychm asked:

can you please summarize and paraphrase the following three paragraphs. thanks sooooooooooo much.

After this, “doli” takes place. It is departure of bride for the groom’s house. As she parts from her house, she throws back grains of rice, thereby wishing prosperity to the family she has left behind. When they reach the groom’s house, his mother take a vessel containing water and try to drink it after rounded it from their heads but the groom will stop her. After a few rounds, she drinks the water. Newly weds are welcomed in the house and they played number of traditional games. Later the bride changes into new clothes that are presented to her by the groom’s family.

Mooh Dikhai Ki Rasm: Introducing the bride Literally translated this means the ‘showing of the bride’ to the groom’s family members, but in reality it is actually a form of introduction. The mother-in-law showers her (daughter-in-law) with jewelery, clothes and money at this time. The other close relatives of the family also offer her gifts and money. The other close relatives of the family also offer her gifts and money

Reception: Post wedding celebrations A wedding reception is a concept borrowed from the West and is now an integral part of many Indian weddings. The parents of the bride and groom host a lavish dinner and invite as many friends and relatives to introduce the newly weds to the rest of the community. The reception is generally hosted in a hotel or banquet hall.

Parents of the bride and groom– what do they wear?

Spooks asked:

My dress will be either white or white with champange accents. Bridesmaids will be in champange dresses. I want my mothers dress to be chocolate in color and my father in a nice dress shirt that is chocolate in color but not TOO matchy-matchy. Now.. what can I do with his parents? I can only vision them wearing plaid or plaid with orange obnoxious flowers. Augh. Where does someone go to find clothing for “parents of the bride” that doesn’t look too cheap or like they’re twins!?
Yeah uh, I don’t think there is anything wrong with asking them to wear something specific. My parents will do it, his, however.. don’t give a flying flip to EVER dress up. I am not allowing some hick looking clothing at my wedding. I am a very laid-back person but want a nice looking wedding. It doesn’t have to be expensive whatsoever, but bib-overalls and plaid will not let you in the door, much less my wedding pictures. It really should not be too much to ask to put on a nicer shirt or whatever for a few hours. It’s a wedding, not a hoe-down!

Jewish wedding clothing?

lizapt asked:

I was asked to find out what kind of clothing the bride and groom wear in a jewish wedding and the colors and materials used, and also they types of food given in the wedding. thx!

Bridal Shower- How well do you know the bride and groom?

hayley2192 asked:

My bridal shower is in two weeks and I wanted to do a 20 question, “How well do you know the bride and groom” game. Some about me, some about him then some about us as a couple. Any ideas for questions? Thanks!

Any suggestions as to how to save money on a wedding?

garik asked:

So I’m getting married in a year’s time, and we want to invite 200 people. It’ll be a humanist wedding, and the venue has been chosen. The bride and groom’s clothes are also more or less decided, so we’re not looking for advice on those especially.

But if any of you have any nice ideas or tips, please let us know. Any advice on photographers is especially welcome!
Ooohhh… Lots of good advice (though some conflicting, which is somewhat expected, and interesting). I may have to leave this to voters to decide.

Thanks everyone!

Does stuff like this happen much?

Rob asked:

So I went to my friend’s wedding. I didn’t drink much but almost everyone else including the bride and groom did and it was an all night reception party. So after they have downed LOADS of alcohol the bride and groom… took of their clothes and were doing it on the dance floor. And most drunks watched and cheered.

Were Can I find fun Wedding clothes?

First time mom, Coming up! asked:

Like the shirts and stuff that are cute to get married in that usually say bride and groom

In a wedding photo, is there any key things that could determine the relation to the bride or groom?

D: ! asked:

I have a very old wedding photo, possible back in the 1910’s. I’ve been told that usually the side that the groom stands on he has his side of the family, and the side the bride stands on has her side of the family. I was wondering about the way the dress and any things that can give it away, as the guy standing sorta behind and in the middle of the bride and groom is wearing the same clothes, same tie and the same flower pined onto his jacket. I first off thought that could of been his brother, but then i thought it could be the best man.. But did they have best men dress the same as them in a early 1900’s photo?