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Islamic wedding: clothing of bride and groom?


I am marrying my fiance, i’m christian and he is muslim. he says he wants me to revert but it is my choice. By far this is the best relationship i’ve ever had in my entire life wear he truly did get to know me and not pressured me into sex (he won’t touch me till Nikah/wedding) This is the most respectful man out of any American men I’ve met, and he was not raised here but in Iran, A TRULY good person, soon we will have our Nikah.

I have looked up some videos but they weren’t too helpful. what kind of clothing does the Bride wear? and what kind of clothes does the Groom wear? there seems to be a large variety… send me helpful links and images if possible.


What kind of gift are you supposed to get for a bridal shower?

ang asked:

I’ve never been to a bridal shower before and the bride and groom are not registered anywhere. I don’t know what they need for their house they have lived together for years. Do I buy something just for the bride or is it a gift for both of them? Any ideas are appreciated.

Do you buy a gift for the bridal shower and wedding seperate?

mando asked:

I will be attending a bridal shower shortly and am wondering what to get and how much to spend. Now if you buy for both and when a bride/groom is registered for a wedding do you pick a gift from the registry for the shower and wedding?

Why does the bride &/ or groom change from the clothes they wore in the ceremony to another set of clothing?

Cirkuit Skan asked:

The most recent wedding I myself was invited to, the bride wore the gown but when the function was nearly hitting the home strech she changed into another dress which was an absolute different dress from the gown but still a formal one

How hard is it to find a mother-of-the-bride/groom dress?

Jenna asked:

My sister is getting married next month & my mom is having a hard time finding a dress she likes at a price she likes. I currently have a retail clothing store & am now thinking of starting an online store that specializes in mother of the bride dresses.

Brides: does that sound like a good idea?? How is your mother’s shopping going?

Should I focus on brand, style or price?

No father of the bride?

sschultz89 asked:

I come from a average today family. Divorced parents step fathers, step mothers, and so forth. I want my brother to walk me down the aisle. I also want to have a bachelorette and bachelor party mixed. My brother is not that much older than I am. I want him to join us. When we go out I want clothes that mark the bride, groom, maid of honor, best man, and so on. What should I have printed on my brother’s shirt?

What is a good practical budget for wedding in manila?

beyb107 asked:

budget includes photographer, hotel/reception, clothing for bride,groom and entourage etc.. I want my wedding to be simple, solemn but nice wedding.. unforgettable..minus invites and souvenirs, those wll be homemade by me and some friends and family..
budget includes photographer, hotel/reception, clothing for bride,groom and entourage etc.. I want my wedding to be simple, solemn but nice wedding.. unforgettable..minus invites and souvenirs, those wll be homemade by me and some friends and family.. ok 50 to 60 guests!

Parents of the bride and groom– what do they wear?

Spooks asked:

My dress will be either white or white with champange accents. Bridesmaids will be in champange dresses. I want my mothers dress to be chocolate in color and my father in a nice dress shirt that is chocolate in color but not TOO matchy-matchy. Now.. what can I do with his parents? I can only vision them wearing plaid or plaid with orange obnoxious flowers. Augh. Where does someone go to find clothing for “parents of the bride” that doesn’t look too cheap or like they’re twins!?
Yeah uh, I don’t think there is anything wrong with asking them to wear something specific. My parents will do it, his, however.. don’t give a flying flip to EVER dress up. I am not allowing some hick looking clothing at my wedding. I am a very laid-back person but want a nice looking wedding. It doesn’t have to be expensive whatsoever, but bib-overalls and plaid will not let you in the door, much less my wedding pictures. It really should not be too much to ask to put on a nicer shirt or whatever for a few hours. It’s a wedding, not a hoe-down!

TO: Most Bang for My Wedding Buck? Help?

CC asked:

Check out, select your state then city and then pick Events and you should find all kinds of vendors that can help you.

I found a Country Club with a Gazebo that will provide: setting up chairs for outside; the Reception room-tables-linens-dinnerware, etc.; appetizers; Cash Bar with Bartender; after Ceremony the dinner with Salad, 2 Meats, 1 Starch, 1 Vegetable, Rolls; Champagne Toast; Cake Cutting; 2 Private Rooms for the Bride & Groom to dress and change in; and all clean up for $1,050.00.

I also found a photographer who is still in college looking to do Weddings for her portfolio, she is free.

My daughter goes to school with a student who will do the DJ/MC for just gas money.

I am making the 3 tier cake – it’s not that hard – get a Wilton book and follow directions. And I’m making all the decorations; plus Ring Bearer Pillow, Toasting Glasses with the Bride & Groom’s clothes, Gift Card Box & Guest Book. I’m very crafty too but it’s very easy.

An idea I just had today was instead of buying 7 vases for the tables, which even at the Dollar store is going to cost $7.00 I am going to buy a box of 8 – 17 oz. glasses and 8 tumblers for $9.00 at WalMart and use 7 of the glasses as vases for artificial flowers on the tables and then after the Reception they can have the whole box and after washing the glasses they are as good as new!

Other than the Country Club the most expensive thing would be flowers but check online for wholesale distributors.

My daughter found her custom made Bridal Gown at and it is beautiful and was only $78.00 (yes seventy eight dollars) plus $40.00 for shipping and reviews on the site were all good – no alternations needed, etc.

Hope this post helps someone!

What are some things that would be INAPPROPRIATE to throw at the bride & groom after their wedding?

spun_up_06 asked:

How about COOKED rice? Nice and hot, and would stick to their clothes in disgusting lumps! 😛