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Wedding planners in Cairo, Egypt. Nothing sophisticated just help with simple stuff?

bblue asked:

I’ve heard that wedding planning is a new thing in Egypt and its very expensive. So if I need someone to help with the bride going out buying make up dress search hair products clothes accessories and how to get the bride fully ready, and I mean someone nice, how much would that cost and does anyone know anything about this? Anything would help.

What are good ways to use peacock feathers in our wedding?

beth s asked:

My guy and i both love male peacock tail feathers. We’re have a loose theme of noble medieval but it’s only strict in the bride parties clothes. any ideas how we could use these would be great. pictures even better thank you. Repeat ideas do not have to be for medieval theme
i’m very into animal rights soo yes i’m making sure their cruelty-free

Y&R- Clothes/Fashion worn by the women at the rehearsal Dinner?

bubblepop asked:

What did you think of the clothes the women wore at the rehearsal dinner?

Here is what i think

I think Colleen looked the prettiest today, She looked beautiful and radiant, makeup, hairstyle, the dress was very pretty and it complimented her figure/stature.

Sharon: She also looked gorgeous, the blue colour is lovely.

Chloe: The top part of the dress was nice but didnt like the frumpy skirt towards the bottom, especially considering she was the “bride to be” she should of worn something better.

when does the bride give the bridal party the clothes they are wearing to the wedding?

amity asked:

just wondering if there is a right or wrong way

What time period does Bride of the Water God take place in?

ON/OFF asked:

I am curious as to what time period this manga takes place in as the only traditional Korean dress I know of is the Hanbok. The clothing in the manga looks to be more Chinese than Korean.

What do you think of wedding dresses in color?

Angee asked:

I’m getting married next year I designed and I’m making my own wedding dress,Since this is both of our second wedding we want to be a little untraditional.If you think about it,when your looking for a wedding dress in a differant color then white,off white or ivory and maybe black all you can find is prom dresses.your wedding should be exactly what you want.And for the untraditional bride I think there should be beautiful wedding gowns in shades from the lightest pink to the darkest blue what do you think?

What paint do i need for painting clothes and remove stains at first normal wash (it`s for a video production)?

Don K asked:

I`m a videographer and i need paint for a “Trash the dress” video and the bride wants to keep the dress, but not dirty. What paint should i use that can be 100% removable?

What is the best bridal shower you have ever been to?

merry cate asked:

I’ve been to a lot of bridal showers and they tend to be boring and slow-moving. Now I am hosting one and would love to know what are the DO’s and DON’Ts – I want it to be fun for the bride and her guests. It’s going to be a big one – about 80 ladies.
I can’t understand why this question didn’t post??? There is no violation of any guidelines???

What would you suggest as some cute wedding photos for after the reception?

Spark of Insanity asked:

My bride-to-be and I are looking for suggestions of cute, silly, romantic or just “fun” photos that we can do while still in our wedding post reception that preferably would not “totally destroy” the clothing we are wearing. Can you offer your suggestions?

Marketing a start-up clothing line on the net w/o the use of spam?

ka0tix asked:

I have my own clothing line (Plastic Bride 9) and I have been doing very well marketing it locally but now that we are working on a web presence I am going to need an effective way to market to the right target base? Is there software that can help me market via internet besides mass spamming? We don’t want to be that kind of a company?
So far I’m already using myspace & we will have the homepage site with ordering capabilities launched in less than a month. I do not need places to sell. I’m more or less looking for ways to advertise.