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Since there is a website that allows you to buy a Russian Bride do you think there should be one that sells?

Hippie Jesus asked:

Islamic Brides? After seeing Miss America would you like to see what more Muslim women look like under their clothes, and headscarf?

What should I were for my cousin’s wedding reception?

kitty_sky09 asked:

i am a bride’s maid and the reception is right after the wedding. All the bride’s maids are changing their dresses for the reception, but i don’t know what to were.
the wedding’s gonna take place at a hall, which looks like a ballroom. The bride’s not changing her clothes. My bride’s maid dress is an off-shoulder, gloss pink, full length dress. so i don’t want a pink dress for the reception.
im going shopping tomorrow. the wedding’s on the 6th of Jan. i don’t know what to were!!

don’t ask me to ask the other brides maid or the bride. I want ur opinion.
and oh, nothing TOO short. knee length is max.

im 15. im also wearing stilettos.

Does the Bridal Industry do enough for Plus Sized women/brides?

bridal Girls asked:

Hi we are Marketing Managers launching Bespoke Plus Sized Bridal Wear in the UK. Size range is unlimited and our client is looking to franchise from the North West across the UK. If you are or were a plus sized Bride size UK 16 +/ US 12 + we would like to hear all of your positive or negative experiences when finding your dream gown! If you are not plus sized, we would also value your input! Thankyou.

Do bridal stores make the dresses that you can buy there?

LukaBeanz asked:

When my Aunt got married we went to a store that sold specifically bridal gowns and things for bridesmaids. I was just wondering where they get the dresses from? Do they make them themselves, or order and alter pre-existing ones to fit the needs of the brides?

I’d really love to open a bridal dress store when I’m older because they seem so magical.

I didn’t know where to post this so I put it in fashion and weddings.

How hard is it to find a mother-of-the-bride/groom dress?

Jenna asked:

My sister is getting married next month & my mom is having a hard time finding a dress she likes at a price she likes. I currently have a retail clothing store & am now thinking of starting an online store that specializes in mother of the bride dresses.

Brides: does that sound like a good idea?? How is your mother’s shopping going?

Should I focus on brand, style or price?

What are the different charities accepting wedding dresses?

Susan Jamison asked:

I am putting together a comprehensive list of good charities which seek donations of wedding dresses and put them to particularly good use. I know of 2 charities accepting wedding dresses and putting them to good use: one which helps Haiti ( (you can mail the gown to donate it) and one which helps low income brides ( Both of these are in Maryland. Do you know of others as good as these? I intend to publish a list on a website.

Mori Lee Wedding Gown color question. Is the Ivory more off white or yellowish with this designer?

Runningtoproveapoint asked:

Trying to decide between Ivory and White.

If there is any Mori Lee brides out there who can help me out… I would appriciate it a lot!! Just let me know if you thought the dress was more off white or if it had a yellow tint. Pictures would be great if you had them of your wedding. Thanks a lot.

I NEED advice on bridal boutiques in the Boston area?

Elizabeth L asked:

I have been doing so much research on bridal boutiques in MA, preferably in th Western area…no more than 30 miles away from Boston. I have done searched on reviews for almost 20 boutiques, but every review has like 3-4 really good ones and then one AWFUL one. I am terrified to start working with a boutique, pick out my dream dress, and then find out that they are awful or something goes wrong. Any suggestions on where to shop? Brides please help!! Where have you had EXCELLENT service???

What are some good wedding gifts? Wedding is Sept 5?

Sholala asked:

Brides loves clothes and loves to shop. She also loves shoes. Groom love music and making beats. Old school music. he use to be a DJ.

Hateful Bloggers trying to ruin our family business?

GNo asked:

We own a family bridal boutique called Gioavonni’s Bridal Boutique. We have been in business for 18 years and on-line for 3. We are members of the Better Business Bureau, Trustworthy web-site Certification, and a verified merchant through
We make custom and replica designer wedding gowns for 1/4 of what they would retail for. We do it because we feel we have a gift and we want to share our gift as well as provide for our families.
With all that said we have two disgruntled brides.
Bride #1 Contacted us 1st back in October with a picture of a dress she loved (I never thought it was particularly pretty) but it’s not my dress! I told her yes, we can make it for her and we charged her $300 because she had an old quote from earlier in the year and we honored it. She received the dress in the time frame stated and when she received it, she emailed me and told me the dress made her look “frumpy.” I was flabbergasted! My 1st thought was the dress was frumpy by itself so of course it was going to look frumpy on you! But, I remained professional and asked her what we could do to remedy the situation and make the gown her dream dress. She stated something about adding buttons (more frump) and I said okay, send it back and we will add whatever will make you happy. A couple days later she emailed me back and said never mind she found a dress on ebay. I said okay, and I apologized and I thought that was the end of that. Well little did I know she was going to every blog, rip off site, complaint place should could find saying that Gioavonni’s Bridal Boutique ruined her wedding! I was like OMG! No, she didn’t.

Bride #2 I don’t even know who she is or if she ever purchased a dress from us. Nothing she states sounds in the least bit familiar, so I’m wondering if she has us confused with another bridal company. But low and behold she is following around Bride #1 stating some of the same issues that she had. I feel like it’s a conspiracy. Do I feel like it’s hurting our business? No, not right now, but evidentially it could.
We do have an attorney in the family who said he would be more than happy to sue them for libel and slander but first recommended that I send them a cease and desist letter letting them know that our name Gioavonni’s Bridal Boutique is copyrighted and they have no rights to use it and by continuing to do so they are opening themselves up to a lawsuit. Do I want to do that, No I don’t want it to have to come to that, but my Mother is fretful and not sleeping well, and my sisters are angry and want to write blogs with their full names, addresses, and telephone numbers along with a mapquest to their house! I won’t allow that to happen either.

Do anybody have any good advice for me and our company. We just want to fight fair even though they are playing down and dirty.

Gioavonni’s Bridal Boutique
Walmart is copyrighted and if you start using walmarts name in “anyway” they don’t want you to ie. the walmart employees hot sexy flick! They can and they will sue you. So when I am a fortune 500 company I won’t care either, but we are not and we do care and we can stop her from using our name now.