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What colour bridesmaid dresses would match a Champagne coloured Wedding Dress?

tippcailin asked:

Im bridesmaid for my sister and her Wedding dress is a champagne colour, any ideas for nice colours for the bridesmaid dresses that would be nice with champagne. Thanks

How much should I expect to pay for a custom wedding dress and five bridesmaid dresses in the UK?

guiltytrees asked:

I am getting married soon and want to have my own personally designed custom wedding dress, with beading and lots of detail. I also want to get five bespoke bridesmaid dresses made as well. I’m not looking to pay for Vera Wang or anything but I was wondering how much should I expect to pay for the wedding gown and the five dresses in total? If anyone can help I would be really grateful as I need to plan my budget asap.


December asked:

Wellllll, I basically picked the wedding dress that I want. It is satin and has a detailed bodice and a gathered bottom.For the bridesmaids I thought that was the case but I actually found another dress I adore. I’m torn between two dresses…….the mori lee dress that is claret satin
the mia solano that is deep red taffeta

I just didn’t know that since the wedding dress I love is satin if the taffeta one should even be in consideration. Any thoughts??????
Guys…..sorry i didn’t make it clearer . The mori lee dress is in claret. You have to click the color box to see the dress change. It’s not black.
LOL sorry i keep adding stuff! My wedding is in december.

Are bridesmaids dresses available for immediate pick up at David’s Bridal or do they have to be ordered?

Margarita asked:

I’m looking for a last minute bridesmaid dress. I know that with many wedding dress shops you have to order wedding dresses them months in advance… is it the same with bridesmaid dresses at David’s Bridal? It seems like such a large store; I’m hoping that they have a lot of bridesmaids dresses available in varying sizes that I can just try on and take home the same day.

What color flowers goes with a red wedding dress & light pink bridesmaid dresses?

si asked:

I choose roses, peonies and hydrangea and my wedding is in the spring.

How to find wedding and Bridal Boutique in uk?

Rose Martin asked:

Me and My friend are looking for some good wedding and Bridal Boutiques in uk who have good and stylish range of Bridal and bridesmaid dresses. As you all know about the importance of this occassion in one’s life. So I am trying to help her finding a good Bridal dress and a lovely bridesmaid dress for myself online …

All suggestions are welcome..

What color flower goes with a Red Wedding Dress and what color flowers goes with Pink Bridesmaid Dresses?

si asked:

The flowers that I want to use is Roses, Peonies and Hydrangea, The wedding is in April.

How long before your wedding did you start to look at wedding dresses?

Audrey born 2/15 ♥ asked:

I’m getting married January 2010 and know what I want (not exactly but I know what flatters me and what kind of style I am looking for – 1950s by the way!). A friend of mine is getting married two years from now and is shopping frantically for wedding and bridesmaid dresses with her girlfriends – is it just me or is she crazy? Should I be freaking out and grabbing what I want too?

Where can you find nice wedding dresses and fun bridesmaid dresses under $100 per dress?

Emily Manting asked:

Any help would be great. I’m an extremely poor bride to be and and was wondering if any had any advice on where to go for wedding dresses that are not poorly made but that are inexpensive. I’d love to find some fun dresses for my bridesmaids as well which won’t ruin their pocket books either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.