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Are bridesmaids dresses available for immediate pick up at David’s Bridal or do they have to be ordered?

Margarita asked:

I’m looking for a last minute bridesmaid dress. I know that with many wedding dress shops you have to order wedding dresses them months in advance… is it the same with bridesmaid dresses at David’s Bridal? It seems like such a large store; I’m hoping that they have a lot of bridesmaids dresses available in varying sizes that I can just try on and take home the same day.

How do I safely store my wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses?

Christy asked:

I have just over seven months until the wedding but already have all the dresses. I wanted to find out how to store them because I heard it can go yellow if you put the veil next to it? Please help…….

Good places to find bridal party dresses?

Tasha asked:

What are some good places to find dresses for a bridal party (mainly the bridesmaids dresses, shoes etc.) And what are links to their sites? Thank you!

What color flowers will go the best with Clover Green Bridesmaids dresses and my semi-ivory wedding dress?

spunky_chick65 asked:

My wedding dress is somewhere between white and ivory, and my bridesmaids dresses are going to be Clover Green. I was thinking of having Bouquets with Circus Roses, Orange Lilies, Salal Greens, and Green Orchids. Any other suggestions would be appreciated!!

What do you think of wearing a dressy white bridesmaids dress instead of a bridal gown?

vgirl asked:

Bridesmaids dresses are significantly cheaper ($160 vs. $300+). They are less formal too which may work for me if I decide to marry at the beach. The dress I like is A-line, strapless, and still has some bead work and pretty details. But, it isn’t as ornate or full skirted.

I’m just curious what you think or if you know anybody who’s done this in their wedding.

What wedding colors should i use and what color should the bridesmaids dresses be?

sweetsfromdat817 asked:

My wedding dress is white with a long APPLE red sash (not regular red) around the waist with the rest hanging down the back of the dress. The guys will be wearing black tuxes, possibly with apple red vest and tie. Groom in black and all white vest and tie. I was thinking about putting the girls in black dresses with a ribbon tied around the waist or a flower pinned on them but i dont know how good that will look. And from what i hear black is not what they should be wearing anyway. HELP!!!!!

I’m having a summer (outdoor)wedding. Would you consider taupe to be a good color for the bridesmaids dresses?

sugrnspice2xasnice asked:

This is what I have in mind. I believe it to be a taupe color. It’s the second to the last dress on the page.
All the bridesmaids have relatively dark hair and a dark enough skin tone to where it shouldn’t wash them out.

can you exchange size at davids bridal even after purchase?

hollyann1009 asked:

We got fitted for bridesmaids dresses in August of last summer. I tried the dress on now and its too tight where my boobs are (I recently started working out more and building muscle so that may be why) so now Im wondering if I can call Davids Bridal and order the next size up without a hassle. The wedding is May 3rd. Im wondering if this is possible to do or if Ill have a hard time? Did anyone go through this before?