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Is sending thank you cards enough for the appreciation to come to my bridal shower?

kunchobidog asked:

I want to thank all the people who made time to come to my bridal shower. I want to get gifts for the sisters-in-law(and they are also my bridesmaids) who planned everything but is it ok to just send thank you cards for the others who came to the shower?

my maid of honor said behind my back?

ladybug asked:

that i’m going to look homeless on my wedding day bc she hated my dress. i’m kicking her out but one of my other bridesmaids keeps defending her saying “that’s just how __ is.” how do i kick her out the most gentle way? btw here is my dress – give me opinions …
just to clarify…i’m not kicking her out just bc of this … she’s done a LOT more, trust me.
i’ve been getting panic attacks from the stress she is causing me and i am not going to take it.
for everyone who said i am junior high and trivial, please note that this is not the only thing she did. when i told her i found my dress she said “whatever. i had a ****ty day thanks for asking” and “glad to know you care about your wedding more than my life” and she’s also done more so please stop saying i’m junior high

What to give as bridal party gifts?

Muah!!! asked:

I am getting married next october. I am looking for some suggestions on bridal party gifts. My fiance has the groomsmen covered but I have no idea what to get the bridesmaids. I want to get them something they will really use & something different. I have a large bridal party so I would like to keep the price between $20-$35 per gift. I also dont like the personalized items you find everywhere online. Any ideas or anyone get a bridal party gift they loved or even hated?


December asked:

Wellllll, I basically picked the wedding dress that I want. It is satin and has a detailed bodice and a gathered bottom.For the bridesmaids I thought that was the case but I actually found another dress I adore. I’m torn between two dresses…….the mori lee dress that is claret satin
the mia solano that is deep red taffeta

I just didn’t know that since the wedding dress I love is satin if the taffeta one should even be in consideration. Any thoughts??????
Guys…..sorry i didn’t make it clearer . The mori lee dress is in claret. You have to click the color box to see the dress change. It’s not black.
LOL sorry i keep adding stuff! My wedding is in december.

What bride would leave thier sister in law of 15 years out of thier wedding?

Goldy asked:

My sister in law has asked my husband and two kids to stand in her wedding and not me. I feel so left out of the family. We are a small family it’s just us and her mom, they are all going out to buy dresses and clothes while I just stand there and watch. I’m starting to get really upset, and hurt. She asked me to hold purses while her bridesmaids rehearsed. She’s my kids godmother, and we get along so well. Maybe she just doesn’t realize, she is hurting my feeling. My husband told her how I felt and she said there was no place for me in the wedding. My husband and son walked her down the aisle and my daughter is her flower girl. I’m getting so upset, I don’t even want to go to the wedding, or if I do I will be there for my family and not her.

what do you think is the appropriate value for bridal party gifts?

mrs_c_pina asked:

My wedding is not for another year, but I would just like an idea of how much should be spent on each on my groomsmen and bridesmaids. they are all doing alot for this wedding so i want to show them im very appreciative. i want to give them something above average, but i dont know what average is to begin with…. so what is the average value of a bridal party gift?? so i know where to work from there.

Do bridal stores make the dresses that you can buy there?

LukaBeanz asked:

When my Aunt got married we went to a store that sold specifically bridal gowns and things for bridesmaids. I was just wondering where they get the dresses from? Do they make them themselves, or order and alter pre-existing ones to fit the needs of the brides?

I’d really love to open a bridal dress store when I’m older because they seem so magical.

I didn’t know where to post this so I put it in fashion and weddings.

Appropriate dress for grandmother of the bride?

knittinmama asked:

My niece is having an early evening outdoor wedding in Southern California in late June. I need suggestions for where to take my my 75 year old mom dress shopping. (I mostly shop on line for my clothes)
I don’t think she wants lacy so no “mother of the bride type dresses”, something classy that she can wear again. and not too expensive.

The bridesmaids are wearing yellow/green/pink.
Mom lives on the border of Los Angeles and Orange County and doesn’t travel well so please keep that in mind for store suggestions

How do I ask my girlfriends to be part of my bridal party?

rereerr asked:

My friend “asked” me to be one of her bridesmaids by mentioning, via phone conversation right after she got engaged, “And of course I want you to be in it.” Maybe that’s acceptable, but I thought that I should do something a little more special for my friends (or at least ask them in person). Any thoughts?

Parents of the bride and groom– what do they wear?

Spooks asked:

My dress will be either white or white with champange accents. Bridesmaids will be in champange dresses. I want my mothers dress to be chocolate in color and my father in a nice dress shirt that is chocolate in color but not TOO matchy-matchy. Now.. what can I do with his parents? I can only vision them wearing plaid or plaid with orange obnoxious flowers. Augh. Where does someone go to find clothing for “parents of the bride” that doesn’t look too cheap or like they’re twins!?
Yeah uh, I don’t think there is anything wrong with asking them to wear something specific. My parents will do it, his, however.. don’t give a flying flip to EVER dress up. I am not allowing some hick looking clothing at my wedding. I am a very laid-back person but want a nice looking wedding. It doesn’t have to be expensive whatsoever, but bib-overalls and plaid will not let you in the door, much less my wedding pictures. It really should not be too much to ask to put on a nicer shirt or whatever for a few hours. It’s a wedding, not a hoe-down!