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Where to buy a beautiful dress for an engagement dinner?

joines_rachel asked:

I want to buy a nice dress for my brother’s rehearsal dinner. I want it to be summer ready yet not too flashy (don’t want to take away from the bride). I’ve searched everywhere and cannot find a good dress. Does anyone have any websites or known clothing stores with attractive attire?

wedding color ideas?

mikki_d_98 asked:

i was originally going to have my wedding in october with a fall theme, but my brother is coming home from the army (only a month before iraq) in november, so i’m thinking of playing it safe and having the wedding in december. since i was originally going to get married outside, i need to be sure that my colors go with the church now.
the carpet in the church is hunter green. my dress is white. i’m thinking black and white with crystals. maybe throw in some red. i’d like it to be a paris theme (mainly eiffel tower).
any suggestions for flowers, centerpieces are welcome!!
fyi, i’m not a millionaire. somedays i’m not even a hundred-aire!!

No father of the bride?

sschultz89 asked:

I come from a average today family. Divorced parents step fathers, step mothers, and so forth. I want my brother to walk me down the aisle. I also want to have a bachelorette and bachelor party mixed. My brother is not that much older than I am. I want him to join us. When we go out I want clothes that mark the bride, groom, maid of honor, best man, and so on. What should I have printed on my brother’s shirt?

Any one knows where to look for good bridal coupons?

Karen asked:

Any will do. I’m starting to look for online wedding stores that accepts coupons and promotional codes because my brother is planning to buy for his upcoming wedding next 2 months. Thank you in advance!

why girl cann’t take strong decission n stick to it?

Fun asked:

my last 2 year been like hell, my family and her family had been asking one question when we getting married? after every 1 month she used to say yes and then few days later no. now what happened twice is something that i donot know how to deal with.

We planned to get married in jan 09 and i was excited and felt like i am the most happiest person on this earth and i told this to my all friends n family but few days later she said she needs some time to think and we should move further our marriage date. which i agreed to and I had to tell every one again that we having some financial issue due to that we moving marriage date furute how further donot know yet. so i lied to every one just to avoid embrassment. few month later she said she is ready and asked her you check yourself again and pls say only if you 100% sure and i have no issue in waiting for more time. she convinced me that she is ready. so we decided our wedding date to 14th feb. and like last time i felt the same happy and excitment and i did the same thing told every friend n family member. my brother n his family lives in USA so they booked their tickets and tool hols from their work. and now she just TXT/SMS and emailed me that she cann’t do it.

now i really feel like im an arsehole and donot have guts to tell my family and friends. all wedding prepration has been done like booking a wedding hall catrer etc. my most of the family member have even bought their dresses.

it seems a new year gift to me from her. did any one gothrough this?
and how did you manage this?

Future bride’s younger sister walk down aisle alone?

J asked:

im 13 my older sister is getting married and she didn’t ask me to be anything in her wedding too young for bridesmaid too old for flower girl. so yea she planned her bridesmaid who they were going to be and everything. well i found out about the jr. bridesmaid so i told my mom. she said i could be but who would i walk down the aisle with? by myself maybe. but i dont want to be b/c my sister didn’t ask me im sure she knows theres a jr. bridesmaid but she didn’t want me. everybody thinks i won’t wear a dress and act tomboy! im NOT a tomboy i wear normal clothes aeropostal clothes i don’t act like it at all. well i do want to be the jr. bridesmaid but if my sister don’t want me to then i won’t. it won’t hurt my feelings i just don’t want her to feel like she has to b/c it will make me sad if im not jr. bridesmaid im more mature then that. the problem is my mom is walking down the aisle w/ my older brother my dad w/ my sister. i walk alone down. we have no close friends or relatives my age. why can’t i just sit in the front and stand when the bride comes. im not important im the black sheep in the family. is it okay for me to sit up front and wait?

What was most memorable about a bridal shower or bacherlorette party you attended?

lastminute girl asked:

What were some fun games or ideas you remember from a bridal shower or bacherlorette party? What made it memorable? What was the best part?

I’m planning one for my brother’s fiance, and hoping for some advice on what works.

Is it normal for a bride to tell a best man what clothes to buy and wear for a wedding?

JettSett asked:

My brother’s getting married. Both my other brother and myself are sharing the best man duty. My brothers wife to be has told us that she wants us to buy from a certain store, a shirt, pants, vest, shoes, belt, and a tie. She picked out the items and sent us the links, but we think these clothes are ugly and will never wear them again, so it seems like a waste. Is this common and standard? Would it be inappropriate to be honest with her and ask if we can wear something else?

In a wedding photo, is there any key things that could determine the relation to the bride or groom?

D: ! asked:

I have a very old wedding photo, possible back in the 1910’s. I’ve been told that usually the side that the groom stands on he has his side of the family, and the side the bride stands on has her side of the family. I was wondering about the way the dress and any things that can give it away, as the guy standing sorta behind and in the middle of the bride and groom is wearing the same clothes, same tie and the same flower pined onto his jacket. I first off thought that could of been his brother, but then i thought it could be the best man.. But did they have best men dress the same as them in a early 1900’s photo?

Cute thank you saying for my bridal party?

Chelsey143 asked:

I got my bridal party a digital picture frame and I would like to engrave the frame part. My bridal party is my sister & her Boyfriend and brother and his girlfriend I got them each one. Would should I write on the frame?