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Do you need to make an appointment for a prom dress at Davids Bridal?

Shylee V asked:

I want to go shopping for a prom dress and I want to stop into Davids Bridal to look at their prom and party dresses but I was wondering if I needed to make an appointment to just look at the dresses or if I can just stop in randomly. I don’t really want to make an appointment for this.
Are the appointments only for when women are looking for wedding dresses?
best answer gets 10 points!!!

Where can I find used Davids Bridal dresses online?

Alicia asked:

I found the perfect dress at David’s Bridal but it’s about twice the price of what I can pay. I tried looking on ebay but I couldn’t find the right one. Does anyone know of other sites that sell used wedding dresses? Or do you know if those sites that sell the same designs for cheaper are good?

What is the best website to look for wedding dresses?

Weed Skank <3 asked:

im not getting married any time soon (seeing as how im 16) i just like looking at wedding dresses when i’m bored..

oh and is that odd?
i hate davids bridal dresses.. there just cheaply made

How much will davids bridal pay me for modeling a gown at their bridal fair?

sweet ♥ asked:

So I tried on this beautiful dress at davids bridal and the manager loved it so much on me that she wants me to model it at a bridal fair in January. How much do you think that will pay? does anyone know about pricing for these things?

What stores can I find wedding dresses in San Antonio?

♥poppy honey♥ asked:

I’m making a trip to San Antonio and want to know where should I go to find wedding dresses? Is the RiverCenter Mall good?
i already have a davids bridal where I live…i’m looking for more unique boutique type places…

I am looking for Davids Bridal dresses style # 81123 in either Apple Red or Black?

silver.glow asked:

I am looking for Davids Bridal dresses style # 81123 in either Apple Red or Black I need several different sizes so let me know if you or someone you know has one they would like to sell, pre-worn dresses are okay. Thank you.

How do you get fitted for a bridesmaids dress at Davids Bridal?

emily h asked:

I’m going to get fitted for a bridesmaids dress at Davids Bridal but I was wondering what the process was. Do they give you dress and have you try them on or do they measure you and then give you your size?

Can you go into a bridal store and try on dresses even if you are not getting married?

Stephanie asked:

My friend and I want to go to Davids Bridal and try on wedding gowns even though neither one of us are getting married any time soon. You know, just for fun. Do you know if that is common or frowned upon? Should I make an appointment or just show up? Thank you,

Does Davids bridal have any high neck OR closed back dresses?

A*n*T*03-09* asked:

I am looking for a high neck wedding dress. The kind that has the lace and then has the lace covering the back. Do you know if Davids bridal carries any like that or similiar? I dont want to take the trip if they dont. And if not do you know anywhere to find one? Thanks for the help!

can you exchange size at davids bridal even after purchase?

hollyann1009 asked:

We got fitted for bridesmaids dresses in August of last summer. I tried the dress on now and its too tight where my boobs are (I recently started working out more and building muscle so that may be why) so now Im wondering if I can call Davids Bridal and order the next size up without a hassle. The wedding is May 3rd. Im wondering if this is possible to do or if Ill have a hard time? Did anyone go through this before?