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my maid of honor said behind my back?

ladybug asked:

that i’m going to look homeless on my wedding day bc she hated my dress. i’m kicking her out but one of my other bridesmaids keeps defending her saying “that’s just how __ is.” how do i kick her out the most gentle way? btw here is my dress – give me opinions …
just to clarify…i’m not kicking her out just bc of this … she’s done a LOT more, trust me.
i’ve been getting panic attacks from the stress she is causing me and i am not going to take it.
for everyone who said i am junior high and trivial, please note that this is not the only thing she did. when i told her i found my dress she said “whatever. i had a ****ty day thanks for asking” and “glad to know you care about your wedding more than my life” and she’s also done more so please stop saying i’m junior high

Found the perfect dress for my wedding. ?

confused_memories asked:

… small problem, it was discontinued and I had to buy the one i tried on, if i wanted it. Obviously since i fell in love with it i tool it. And got a GREAT price, it is a designers dress and entirely silk. BUT it has smudges and small stains. Idk how to take those out, and dry cleaning it soooooo expensive. Any ideas??

Does anyone know of any designers that will make wedding dresses without the train?

peaches asked:

I have only found one dress maker that gives you the option of changing their dresses and that is Casa Blanca. They allow you to eliminate the train, change the neckline, add sleeves, etc. Does anyone know of any other designers that will do this?

Any sites to help find wedding dresses with particular features?

nubasketball asked:

I am getting married next year. After going to several different stores I know what I want…The problem is I can only find elements of what I am thinking in all of the dresses I try on, not the complete package. Does anyone now where you can search designers for specific elements that point you to possible dresses (ex. I want A-line or Ball Gown, corset top, and either a jeweled halter or spaghetti strap). Any thoughts? Thanks!

what to do about my bridesmaids? need help asap?

ladybug asked:

i found the wedding dress that i want and today me and two of my bridesmaids, as well as my mom and two aunts and going to go and try it on again and i’m going to get it because i know it’s “the one.” one of my bridesmaids, my moh, doesnt like the top and both of them think i need to go to more places and the dress i am getting is this one –

and they think i am only getting a dress with straps bc my dad wanted me to, bc he is paying. and i actually do want a dress with straps. not strapless. i’ve told them that this is the one i want but no matter what i say they think i need to try on more and will not stop. my two aunts who are going are not afraid to be mean to them or fight with them and i really dont want any drama. my bms said that they are going to convince them to make me go somewhere else and i already told them they will tell them no. what do i do to get the message through their heads that just bc they dont like it, i dont care? i’m going in an hour … 🙁

Where to buy Indian designer wedding dresses?

Sonnenschein1970 asked:

My fiancee is half Indian and wants to marry in a exclusive Indian wedding dress. For this occassion this dress should be obviously very high quality. Unfortunately theses dresses are not available in Germany, but though England has huge Indian community, we hope to fly over and purchase her dress there. Where can exclusive quality dresses, such as Manish Malhotra or Ritu Beri or similar designers be bought in London? Looking for Lehengas and Sarees with great blouse. Thanks to all answers 🙂

Im int he UK and i am looking to buy my wedding dress?

Jennifer M asked:

I know that Mori Lee and Maggie Sottero are designers can anyone else recommend more?? Also my wedding is booked for July 2011 when would you recommend i start looking for my wedding dress??

Prom dress help please?


I’d like to find a dress similar to these dresses.

When do sample dress wedding dresses or end of season wedding dresses go on sale?

speakerboxx asked:

I just bought an Anjolique sample wedding dress for $399. This is an older one though and it was by itself. Is there a certain month/time of year that I can find a whole bunch in a bridal salon at once? I wouldn’t mind looking for more since they’re so inexpensive. I know that designers often stop making previous season gowns and stores need to get rid of the sample gowns.

Where can I find autumn/winter wedding dresses?

Sara asked:

Where can I find autumn/winter wedding dresses? More specifically, where can I find wedding gowns that cover my back and arms? I have sleeves and a back piece (types of tattoos) and would like to cover them (for the sake of not having both families freak out). Are there any designers or patterns out there that are still stylish (vintage would be fantastic) but don’t look like I pulled them from the back of my mother’s closet?