July 13, 2011

my maid of honor said behind my back?

ladybug asked: that i’m going to look homeless on my wedding day bc she hated my dress. i’m kicking her out but one of my other […]
July 2, 2011

Found the perfect dress for my wedding. ?

confused_memories asked: … small problem, it was discontinued and I had to buy the one i tried on, if i wanted it. Obviously since i fell […]
May 10, 2011

Does anyone know of any designers that will make wedding dresses without the train?

peaches asked: I have only found one dress maker that gives you the option of changing their dresses and that is Casa Blanca. They allow you […]
May 4, 2011

Any sites to help find wedding dresses with particular features?

nubasketball asked: I am getting married next year. After going to several different stores I know what I want…The problem is I can only find elements […]