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What colour bridesmaid dresses would match a Champagne coloured Wedding Dress?

tippcailin asked:

Im bridesmaid for my sister and her Wedding dress is a champagne colour, any ideas for nice colours for the bridesmaid dresses that would be nice with champagne. Thanks

What do you think of wedding dresses in color?

Angee asked:

I’m getting married next year I designed and I’m making my own wedding dress,Since this is both of our second wedding we want to be a little untraditional.If you think about it,when your looking for a wedding dress in a differant color then white,off white or ivory and maybe black all you can find is prom dresses.your wedding should be exactly what you want.And for the untraditional bride I think there should be beautiful wedding gowns in shades from the lightest pink to the darkest blue what do you think?

Im thinking opening a business which hires Prom dresses, wedding dresses and accessories what do you think?

queenie asked:

ill buy dresses such as prom/evening dresses, wedding dresses and accessories such as tiaras etc.
i brought my dress from a similar business as i couldnt afford to buy one. i think its perfect for someone who is workign with a budget or doesnt want the dress after the night. All products will be cleaned after every customer. Would you hire a dress from a business like this?

Where can I find wedding dresses that have detachable skirts?

Jonsh Adga asked:

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Where can I find wedding dresses that have detachable skirts?
My wedding is in late summer and its semi formal. I wanted my dress to be short for the reception and long for the ceremony, but I didn’t want to buy two dresses. Any recommendations?
is it ok1?

What color flowers will go the best with Clover Green Bridesmaids dresses and my semi-ivory wedding dress?

spunky_chick65 asked:

My wedding dress is somewhere between white and ivory, and my bridesmaids dresses are going to be Clover Green. I was thinking of having Bouquets with Circus Roses, Orange Lilies, Salal Greens, and Green Orchids. Any other suggestions would be appreciated!!

Why do women expect men to spend ££££ on wedding dresses and wedding rings?

John asked:

When it’s the love that counts. A women who expects a £10,000 wedding ring is selfish. She is hurting the economy, who’s heard of blood diamonds? Why can’t women be happy with a ring with a fake diamond? After all an average person wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, and it’s about what the ring represents right?

where can i sell used formal gowns, brides maids dresses and a wedding dress in savannah, ga?

Brittany P asked:

I have my wedding dress that was worn once it was $1000 and i might want to sell it. I also have a brides maids dress and two formal dresses all worn only once. Are there any shops in the savannah area that would buy them for a reasonable price?

What wedding colors should i use and what color should the bridesmaids dresses be?

sweetsfromdat817 asked:

My wedding dress is white with a long APPLE red sash (not regular red) around the waist with the rest hanging down the back of the dress. The guys will be wearing black tuxes, possibly with apple red vest and tie. Groom in black and all white vest and tie. I was thinking about putting the girls in black dresses with a ribbon tied around the waist or a flower pinned on them but i dont know how good that will look. And from what i hear black is not what they should be wearing anyway. HELP!!!!!

How many of you brides would want two wedding dresses?

NinaPina asked:

Would you consider two wedding dresses too much? Would you buy one for the ceremony, and one for the reception, or would you consider this an unnecessary expense? Would two dresses make “your day” perfect, or would you rather save the money for something more practical?

When do sample dress wedding dresses or end of season wedding dresses go on sale?

speakerboxx asked:

I just bought an Anjolique sample wedding dress for $399. This is an older one though and it was by itself. Is there a certain month/time of year that I can find a whole bunch in a bridal salon at once? I wouldn’t mind looking for more since they’re so inexpensive. I know that designers often stop making previous season gowns and stores need to get rid of the sample gowns.