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Which dress should I wear?

KendraM asked:

I am getting married next august and I am in the process of searching for a wedding dress. We are having an outdoor garden ceremony so I want something romantic. I definitely want a ballgown but I would like something with a lighter skirt, like tool, because it will be hot in august. I prefer lace and floral details over beading and crystals, but I’m not opposed to them. I just want something unique and beautiful! Does anyone have any pictures or links to dresses that look like what I have in mind? I really haven’t found much yet, and I really need some help! Thanks!

What should I were for my cousin’s wedding reception?

kitty_sky09 asked:

i am a bride’s maid and the reception is right after the wedding. All the bride’s maids are changing their dresses for the reception, but i don’t know what to were.
the wedding’s gonna take place at a hall, which looks like a ballroom. The bride’s not changing her clothes. My bride’s maid dress is an off-shoulder, gloss pink, full length dress. so i don’t want a pink dress for the reception.
im going shopping tomorrow. the wedding’s on the 6th of Jan. i don’t know what to were!!

don’t ask me to ask the other brides maid or the bride. I want ur opinion.
and oh, nothing TOO short. knee length is max.

im 15. im also wearing stilettos.

What is the price range for a typical Mori Lee wedding dress?

Jessica B asked:

Looking at a wedding dress that is by Mori Lee and was wondering if anyone knows what the norm is for price on the dresses. Any help would be AWESOME!

do they treat you differently at bridal stores if your not wearing an engagement ring/have a date?

unavailable asked:

because im not just somebody trying on dresses for fun. we just picked out my ring, and ill have it soon but want to get a head start on finding my dress 🙂 our engagment wont be long, probably around six months so i want to do what i can now. i just want them to treat me seriously.

What do you wear to a Bridal shower Tea party?

mamichula0883 asked:

Im going to a tea party themed bridal shower and i need some fashion advice. What do you wear to a tea party? A girl thats going too just told me that we need to wear dresses w/”Sunday’s best Hats.” What hat and/or dress would be appropriate for this?

How do I go about coordinating style of BM dress with the wedding gown?

Kalamity_K:) asked:

I cant provide a link (the dress is a Mori Lee 2103). General guidelines to dresses complimenting each other is fine OTHER than matching formality which is obvious. Hem line types, neckline?

What bride would leave thier sister in law of 15 years out of thier wedding?

Goldy asked:

My sister in law has asked my husband and two kids to stand in her wedding and not me. I feel so left out of the family. We are a small family it’s just us and her mom, they are all going out to buy dresses and clothes while I just stand there and watch. I’m starting to get really upset, and hurt. She asked me to hold purses while her bridesmaids rehearsed. She’s my kids godmother, and we get along so well. Maybe she just doesn’t realize, she is hurting my feeling. My husband told her how I felt and she said there was no place for me in the wedding. My husband and son walked her down the aisle and my daughter is her flower girl. I’m getting so upset, I don’t even want to go to the wedding, or if I do I will be there for my family and not her.

Wedding Planning Nightmares a Tool?

~¤Funshine¤~ asked:

I’m having nightmares about specific details of my wedding that will go wrong (dresses not fitting, decorations looking terrible, my family doing something embarrassing like yelling out “Don’t touch my kid”, or showing up in inappropriate clothing **stripper by profession**…etc.

So I’ve been using these nightmares as a guide of things to avoid and to plan around. Is this crazy or should more people do this?
Sadly and bride-to-bed knows that wedding planning and nightmares about such planning won’t just go away for a few days because I want it too.

Which dress do you prefer?

just another girl asked:

For my debutante coming out ball i’m debating between 3 dresses and I need help deciding.

First Dress: ( I really like this one)

Second Dress: (this is my best friends favorite)

Third Dress:

which do you like best? Thank you


What should I wear to a wedding this weekend?

BarbieGirl8 asked:

I am a guest at a wedding this weekend. My boyfriend’s cousin is getting married, she is the bride. I love clothes, I’m very girlie and I wear dresses all the time so I’m definitely wearing a dress this weekend cold or not. I would just like a little input on my outfit…. I live in Charlotte, NC and the wedding is outside!!!!! I hope it isn’t freezing but I am planning on wearing a strapless light pink and black BCBG dress (knee length, it has almost a lace look to it) with closed toe black heels and a dressy wool coatt for the wedding. I am planning on taking the coat off and just wearing a black wrap for the reception which is inside. Do you think the strapless dress is too much? It is a dressy event, the wedding is in the late afternoon / early evening. Any ideas or do you think this will work? I hate winter/fall weddings…. they are so difficult to dress for. I wish I could post a pic!
Ok here is a link to the pic of my dress…I hope, i’m not too computer savy…