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What type of gifts do you give at a fairy tale theme bridal shower?

samantha m asked:

I’m throwing my sister’s bridal shower and she wants a fairy tale theme. We have the favors picked out, but we’re both clueless about what to give as prizes for those who win the games. We’d like to keep them in the same theme. Any suggestions?

What is the etiquette for gifts- do you buy a bridal shower gift AND a wedding gift ?

Tracy H asked:

I’ve always wondered if it was proper etiquette, if you had to buy a bridal shower gift AND a wedding gift- or is just one gift fine ?

Any suggestions for prizes for bridal shower games?

<3 asked:

I am having a bridal shower this summer and there are a few games. Does anyone have any ideas for the gifts? The people playing the games range from teenagers to great grandmothers. I recently did a bridal shower in the same family and my gifts were spa/bath related items. I don’t really want to repeat. I don’t want to do wine or champagne or candles. Does anyone have a unique ideas that aren’t too expensive? Thank you:)

Combined thank you notes for bridal shower and wedding?

bubbadoy asked:

I had a bridal shower a week before the wedding. For some of the ladies, they did not bring a date to the wedding. So can I combine their thank you note and thank them for giving both gifts on one card?

It’s not that I’m trying to be cheap, but I also don’t want to be redundant. If you think that ettiquette says I should send TWO cards to one person at the same time, then I will do it.

Thanks in advance!

What kind of gifts do you give away at a bridal shower for the games?

Wondering asked:

What kind of gifts do you give away for the games you play at a bridal shower? Any ideas?

Do you think that its greedy for someone to have a bridal shower who has everything?

Jenn asked:

I think its very rude. Not everyone has extra money to be out buying people gifts that they dont even need. For instance, when a couple lives together for a while, and has everything they need, then have a bridal shower before they get married?! That is so greedy and rude in my opinion.

What are good gift ideas for a 2AM assigned time for a ‘Round the Clock’ bridal shower?

orangedream asked:

For those who don’t know – a ‘Round the Clock’ bridal shower is when the hostesses assign guests to get gifts for different hours of the day. For example, if you were assigned 6pm, dinnerware or something would be an appropriate gift. I was assigned 2AM… I have no idea what to get the couple! I am trying to stay away from generic gifts, like bed sheets or whatever, because other people who were assigned 10, 11PM or midnight are already getting that for them. ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! 🙂

what kid of gifts do you give at a bridal shower?

Samantha asked:

I was invited to a bridal shower, I’ve never been to one before. What kind of thing do i give as a gift? They are registered at walmart. Can I get something from the registry for both the wedding gift and the bridal shower gift?

What is the bouquet made from bridal shower ribbons?

Nilavalagi asked:

Okay… So I’m the MOH for my girlfriends wedding. At the Bridal Shower (put on by her sister) they gave me all the ribbons from the gifts and told me to make a bouquet. I have never heard of this tradition. Can someone fill me in on what it is and how I’m supposed to do it? Thank you.

When did bridal showers and bachelorette parties become entitlements?

Tulla asked:

I agree that every bridal party should care for their bride enough to throw them a shower and a bachelorette party. However, I am in a wedding this year and the bride is acting like these things are entitlements rather than gifts or genstures from her bridal party. She has laid out explicitly what she wants for both and both are pretty over the top. She wanted a shower a year before the wedding because she scheduled to move into her house then and wanted to have everything all at once. She scheduled a ridiculous bachelorette party a week before Christmas and created a detailed itinerary for the day, indicated that we must have t-shirts made with a “catchy phrase” about her. Isn’t that stuff that the bridal party should come up with? I feel like we can’t do anything nice for her because she’s being too specific. Shouldn’t you let the bridal party act on their own? I agree that every bride should give the girls an idea of what they want but not like this.
To give a little more detail to the bachelorette party around the holidays- 30 bars in 8 hours, rented bus and of course the t-shirts with the phrase. She offered to pay if the cost got out of controll.