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What is the best bridal shower you have ever been to?

merry cate asked:

I’ve been to a lot of bridal showers and they tend to be boring and slow-moving. Now I am hosting one and would love to know what are the DO’s and DON’Ts – I want it to be fun for the bride and her guests. It’s going to be a big one – about 80 ladies.
I can’t understand why this question didn’t post??? There is no violation of any guidelines???

Are bridesmaids dresses available for immediate pick up at David’s Bridal or do they have to be ordered?

Margarita asked:

I’m looking for a last minute bridesmaid dress. I know that with many wedding dress shops you have to order wedding dresses them months in advance… is it the same with bridesmaid dresses at David’s Bridal? It seems like such a large store; I’m hoping that they have a lot of bridesmaids dresses available in varying sizes that I can just try on and take home the same day.

did a lot for friend and she asked a lazy girl to be maid of honor. Wants me to do all the work?

Lydia C asked:

I’ve been by my friends side through 2 surgeries, a fire to her house and an emotional loss to her BF that passed away, all of which my health wasn’t so great and after surgery myself. I helped get clothing for her new BF after the house loss and for her, arraigned for a “house building fund”. The problem is. They are getting married and she asked this lazy friend to be her maid of honor and I’m the brides maid. This girl hasn’t asked for a list of names to put on a shower, so my friend is asking me to do this, which isn’t my place. I also had to be a taxi to this lazy friend of her’s, which I know from this one party she didn’t give gas money. I’m ready to pull out. Need some advise. I did tell my friend NO to this bridal party, and why…she picked the wrong person as I would have had it done by now.

Does the bride rent wedding dresses or can they buy them?

angefrancaise015 asked:

When a couple get married, does the bride rent her wedding dress from a bridal shop or can she actually buy the wedding dress to keep permanently? I’ve seen a lot of wedding dresses in the bridal stores and I was wondering if it’s traditional to rent a wedding dress or just buy one.

What are some great or fun gifts to give out at a bridal shower?

bede3315 asked:

Any ideas? I am looking for a lot of small gifts under $10, $5, and $1. I want to give them out as prizes throughout the day. I am taking all the girls out on a pontoon ride for the shower. Do you like that idea? It’s on Minnesota’s most well-known classy lakes. Just to picture the party. Thanks everyone!

What should I do about my wedding dress issue?

Breanna asked:

I am getting married in a few months and I am stuck with the issue about my wedding dress. My sister got married about five years back and she gave me her wedding dress incase I wanted to wear it to my wedding. Her dress is gorgeous and it’s by the designer Mori Lee which is my favorite wedding dress designer. It has pretty beading and a long train I just have to get it sized down. My question is I am debating on whether or not to buy my own or just wear hers. I would be saving money if I wore hers but the the other problem is that my fiance knows what her dress looks like. Well, I honestly think he just knows it’s strapless and white he doesn’t really know the beading details and all that stuff. So I was thinking maybe I could just lie and say I bought my own but actually use hers and he probably won’t notice. What should I do? Buy my own or wear hers? I kind of want my own just to have my own but wedding dresses don’t come cheap my budget would be $600 but like my mom said, I’m only going to be wearing it for a few hours and then never wear it again so that’s why I’m also debating on whether or not to invest money in a new dress or not. I know it’s ”my day” and I want to look like a princess but I honestly like her dress a lot especially since it was free 🙂 What do you think I should do?

Wedding gifts for bridal party and parents?

xxnyspicexx asked:

Im not sure what to get for the bridal party and our parents. Ive been in 3 weddings recently and dont want to use the same idea as them.
They used:
Engraved bracelettes
White gold rings
bracelettes with words and meanings.

We are on a tight budget but i dont want these gifts to be cheap because these people do mean a lot to us and we want to thank them for helping with our special day.

Any gift ideas?

** SERIOUS answers only. Please dont be rude.

Thank you in advance!

Weird dream about me telling my boyfriend I couldn’t marry him. On our wedding day?

That Girl. asked:

I’m only 19 so, though I love weddings, I don’t often dream about them. Last night however I dreamt that I was preparing to get married to my current boyfriend. I was really upset because nothing had been done with my hair or make up and my dress was just an ordinary knee length summer dress (oh the woes lol). I seem to remember that it was a fairly inpromptu affair and that I had not had time to organise anything so my mother had done it for me. And managed to do it in practically the opposite way entirely to what I’d want.

As I waited in my room with my parents, crying, I decided to find a bridal boutique nearby and at least buy a better dress.
I set off at run for this shop across a field before stopping and realising that if I was truly ready to marry my boyfriend I’m marry him in a black sack.

I went to his room where he was getting dressed and explained that the wedding wasn’t anything like what I wanted and he was so lovely and said fine, we’d rearrange and I could plan it properly this time. I shook my head and said that as much as I loved him, I wasn’t ready to marry him.

After a long argument of him saying I couldn’t really love him he flung on his suit jacket and went to storm out of the room saying that he was going for a drink, ‘after all that’s what you (as in me) do all the time, isn’t it?’ (my student drinking habits have been a point of contention recently. As has the fact that he’s older and sees our relationship a lot further into the future than I do.)

So. Anyone fancy interpreting?
I’m always just interested to see what people think.

How is it even possible to make dinner for 200 people?

fizzy stuff asked:

I see a lot of questions about how to provide dinner for 200 people and I am just wondering, How on earth would you do that?

Unless you are a caterer and have the experience, staff, and proper tools to prepare for 200. I dont see any way that one could do it. Chafing dishes only get you so far. They keep food warm while people are going through the buffet line, but they dont keep the food fresh for hours on end.

Before the reception, the bride will be at the ceremony. Before that, she needs to get in her dress and be ready. Mothers, friends, and family members also, are all getting dressed and getting themselves to the ceremony on time. Who has time to stop and peel potatoes for 200?

A lot of answers suggest pasta. How do you make pasta for 200 people? You need pots of boiling water, and someone to drain the pasta. Do wedding venues even have that many stoves and pots? Or, lets say you make lasagna. How do you have enough ovens to heat it up for 200 people?

Seriously, I dont get it. The logistics just seem impossible. So how are all these brides doing it? How are they providing a hot meal for 200+ guests, and doing all by themselves?

Should I add a corset to the back of my wedding gown?

Just a Girl asked:

I bought my dream wedding gown last week at a charity event for almost 90 percent off. The only problem is that the dress is about 1.5 dress sizes too small. I bought it anyways because the lady at the event, who works for a bridal boutique, told me it could be taken out up to two dress sizes. My mom is a great seamstress however sizing up a wedding gown is a lot of work for her, especially with all the bead work and embroidery so I am thinking, what if I just add a corset to the back of the dress? I know this would be much less work.

My question is, do you think a corset would look pretty on this dress? Would it go with it? Any ideas? I do not want it to be too hard. I want to look soft and elegant. I’m also going to put fabric underneath the lacing so my back doesn’t show. I figure that will soften it up too. I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!!.

Link to photo:

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Thank you!!
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