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Me in my wedding dress. What do you think?

vanessab asked:

I love this dress, but I’m not 100% sure I love how it looks in photos.

Do you think my hips are too big?? Do you think the brown sash is too overpowering?

Honesty please!

PS – I wish I would have smiled! I look like a TOOL! LOL

What are good ways to use peacock feathers in our wedding?

beth s asked:

My guy and i both love male peacock tail feathers. We’re have a loose theme of noble medieval but it’s only strict in the bride parties clothes. any ideas how we could use these would be great. pictures even better thank you. Repeat ideas do not have to be for medieval theme
i’m very into animal rights soo yes i’m making sure their cruelty-free

Is there a website or store that offers custom made wedding dresses?

Mariposa asked:

I saw most beautiful dress… (the one Ginger Rogers wore in “The Barkelys of Broadway” during the “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” number). I am getting married next year and I would love to duplicate that dress for my wedding. Does anyone know where I could find sites or actual stores that specialize in custom made dresses? I’ve already tried Googling, and couldn’t find anything. Anyone had something like this done?

Has anyone bought a Mori Lee wedding dress in Diamond White?

lburke55 asked:

The dress I’ve fallen in love with is designed by Mori Lee. I really love “White” rather than “Ivory,” but this particular dress only comes in “Diamond White.” Has anyone bought that particular color wedding gown from this designer and can give me feedback on how they felt about how it compares to actual white? If anyone is willing to show me pictures of their dress that would be incredible!

Thank you!

How can i change the colour of a wedding photo accessory in photoshop or gimp?

trina asked:

hiya guys, i photographed a wedding recently and the couple had their own wooden word spelling ‘love’ anyway we used it in the photos and as expected (by me) the white paint on the wooden word makes it difficult to see it completely in the photo where the brides white dress is in the background. ive tried using a tint just on the white word to try and change the hue of it etc. but it didnt work, so i was thinking i could ask you guys if theres any suggestions out there to make the letter less white, even a heavy cream colour would work. ive steered away from actually using the paint tool on it as i think it may look too cartoony.

ive tried to upload a photo of it so you can all see what i mean but i cant find the tool to do it on yahoo answers, any advice would be gratefully received as the photo is lovely but the loss of the impact of the word is affecting the image.

thankyou all.
thanks ‘subdued techicolour’ but thats not particularly helpful now. the word shows up just fine in the photos, theres no loss of shadow or tone its absolutely well exposed but i just think it would look better say a cream colour & thought id give it a go.

Just found out my father crossdresses?

Heidi asked:

Every now and then, I run my maiden name through a myspace search because I have a lot of relatives that I don’t know very well, so I like to see if they started a page. So today, I typed it in, and up popped this woman who I’d never seen before … but the sex said “male”. I clicked on it, and long story short, it is my father. All of his pictures are of him dressed as a woman.

At first, I laughed, then I cried, and now I’m not sure what to do. My dad and I aren’t very close and haven’t been since I was in middle school. I got married in May; he came to my wedding but was pretty distant … he’s never been rude … he’s just not very communicative and is hard to get a hold of.

I love my dad, even though he hasn’t always been there for me. He looks SO HAPPY in those pictures of him as a woman, and I love it. I’m just afraid that if I somehow confront him about it, that he’ll be angry or embarrassed. I look at talking to him about it as a possible tool for us to become closer … I fear that he distances himself because he thinks I’ll be judgemental or disgusted, but that’s so far from the truth. I had a strong reaction at first because I had suspected something like this for a while, but forgot about it. Then to have it pop up in my face unexpectedly was a shock!

Anyway … the way I see it, I can either befriend him on myspace along with a short note saying I love him, totally support him … or not bring it up … I want to be closer to my dad but I don’t want to risk him being upset. He’s not the type to be angry, but he is pretty defensive. Can I get some suggestions please? Thanks!
Like you said, he put OUR last name on myspace … nothing about his profile is private … part of me thinks he WANTS to be found, but I hope that’s not assuming too much. But anyone could find him with just the last name.

What is the best bridal shower you have ever been to?

merry cate asked:

I’ve been to a lot of bridal showers and they tend to be boring and slow-moving. Now I am hosting one and would love to know what are the DO’s and DON’Ts – I want it to be fun for the bride and her guests. It’s going to be a big one – about 80 ladies.
I can’t understand why this question didn’t post??? There is no violation of any guidelines???

How can i find a bridal dress from an old collection?

Mariana! asked:

when i was a girl i saw this really gorgeous dress on some magazine but i lost it, so i just remember the designer name is “LAZARO” it some Antique style dress, can it be possible for me to locate that collection? where can i find the his old bridal gowns catalog ?? i think it was 1997 when i saw it.

pls help mee !! i love that dress i can tell you how it is is just in my mind..

which fashion design school is the best for whom didnt study drawing in Australia?

eluie asked:

I would like to find school in Melbourne or Sydney that provides internship after year. I didnt study drawings and sketches before.
I heard I could draw by computer program thesedays. I love fashion design, wedding dress design. also, which place is the biggest to find fashion tools or fabrics in Austalia?

Found the perfect dress for my wedding. ?

confused_memories asked:

… small problem, it was discontinued and I had to buy the one i tried on, if i wanted it. Obviously since i fell in love with it i tool it. And got a GREAT price, it is a designers dress and entirely silk. BUT it has smudges and small stains. Idk how to take those out, and dry cleaning it soooooo expensive. Any ideas??