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How much time before someone’s wedding do you throw a bridal shower?

Boom Boom! asked:

So I am maid of honor at my bestest girl’s wedding, which is on Feb. 7th. 2009….so I am responsible for throwing the bridal shower…My question is, should I be planning for it now? Which month should it be? I was thinking maybe the end of October/early November but maybe thats to early….All suggestions would be greatly appreciated 😉

my maid of honor said behind my back?

ladybug asked:

that i’m going to look homeless on my wedding day bc she hated my dress. i’m kicking her out but one of my other bridesmaids keeps defending her saying “that’s just how __ is.” how do i kick her out the most gentle way? btw here is my dress – give me opinions …
just to clarify…i’m not kicking her out just bc of this … she’s done a LOT more, trust me.
i’ve been getting panic attacks from the stress she is causing me and i am not going to take it.
for everyone who said i am junior high and trivial, please note that this is not the only thing she did. when i told her i found my dress she said “whatever. i had a ****ty day thanks for asking” and “glad to know you care about your wedding more than my life” and she’s also done more so please stop saying i’m junior high

Shopping for wedding dresses and leaving people out?

Chelsea Wish asked:

My mom and sister are of course invited and wanting to come wedding dress shopping with me. But I do not want my aunts and cousins’ wives and my in laws there. I think that when you get so many people who want to insert their opinion on the wedding dress and I don’t wanna deal with that many opinions and trying to really get what i want for our wedding day. My parents are buying it and my sister is the maid of honor

Bridesmaids shined bride’s shoes?

Lepke asked:

I want your honest opinion. I was a bridesmaid in a wedding and the maid of honor wanted to help the bride pack for the honeymoon. So the bride picked out the clothes she wanted to take and laid them out on the bed. The MOH asked the other bridesmaids to help – we thought help with packing. But we were asked to shine the bride’s shoes that she was planning to take on the honeymoon. What do you think about this – weird or no big deal?
For those wanting to know what culture this was: American (the wedding took place in the DC suburbs and the MOH was the bride’s sister)

How to be a realistic maid of honor and plan a bridal shower and bachelorette party?

Blue Blue asked:

How do i plan a bachelorette party AND bridal shower for someone out of state when you are broke, don’t’ know what your schedule is like, dont’ know if they are coming in town for the bridal shower or the B party, and just completely broke, is it a surprise?, if so which one? or how do you make it a surprise when you don’t know who to invite or when, or what I am supposed to spend? I’ve never been to a bridal shower, or bachelorette party HELP!!

No father of the bride?

sschultz89 asked:

I come from a average today family. Divorced parents step fathers, step mothers, and so forth. I want my brother to walk me down the aisle. I also want to have a bachelorette and bachelor party mixed. My brother is not that much older than I am. I want him to join us. When we go out I want clothes that mark the bride, groom, maid of honor, best man, and so on. What should I have printed on my brother’s shirt?

How much should you spend on Bridal Shower invitations?

Bootsies asked:

I am the maid of honor of my friends wedding, and I am just curious how much is a reasonable price for invitations to her bridal shower. Also if I should get them professionally done or not? I found a place online, and for 50 of them it costs $65.00. Is that too much?

Do you host a bridal shower for someone who has decided to elope to Vegas?

Cierra H asked:

My friend/cousin was planning a wedding, and family members had already purchased many of the items for the ceremony and booked a location. She then decided she no longer wished to have a wedding with friends and family but to go to Las Vegas with her fiancee and get married there. Yet she still wants a shower. So as the person who was suppose to be the maid of honor am I obligated to throw her one? Or should she just suck it up and have a gathering when she and her husband come home?

What are some ideas for a bridal shower gift?

mozspm asked:

I’m the maid of honor and am going to my friend’s bridal shower in a month or so, which is being hosted by her soon to be mother-in-law. My friend has said I don’t need to get her anything, but of course I’d still like to. Any cute ideas as to what I can get her? Do you have to get something that she and the groom both can use? Or just something special for her? Any ideas are appreciated.

Is it rude to tell your mother/maid of honor that you want a bridal shower/bachelorette party?

†StrongAsDeath† asked:

I am not sure that my mother and/or maid of honor will throw me a bridal shower or bachelorette party unless I ask for them, so would it be rude/bad etiquette to ask?