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Shopping for wedding dresses and leaving people out?

Chelsea Wish asked:

My mom and sister are of course invited and wanting to come wedding dress shopping with me. But I do not want my aunts and cousins’ wives and my in laws there. I think that when you get so many people who want to insert their opinion on the wedding dress and I don’t wanna deal with that many opinions and trying to really get what i want for our wedding day. My parents are buying it and my sister is the maid of honor

Can Guests Be Invited to Bridal Shower But Not Wedding?

Eillen Smith asked:

My friends are planning a wedding shower for me and have asked my mother and future mother-in-law for a bridal shower guest list. The problem is that we are having a small wedding, and my mom says that if you invite someone to the bridal shower you must also invite them to the wedding. Is that true?

What bride would leave thier sister in law of 15 years out of thier wedding?

Goldy asked:

My sister in law has asked my husband and two kids to stand in her wedding and not me. I feel so left out of the family. We are a small family it’s just us and her mom, they are all going out to buy dresses and clothes while I just stand there and watch. I’m starting to get really upset, and hurt. She asked me to hold purses while her bridesmaids rehearsed. She’s my kids godmother, and we get along so well. Maybe she just doesn’t realize, she is hurting my feeling. My husband told her how I felt and she said there was no place for me in the wedding. My husband and son walked her down the aisle and my daughter is her flower girl. I’m getting so upset, I don’t even want to go to the wedding, or if I do I will be there for my family and not her.

How hard is it to find a mother-of-the-bride/groom dress?

Jenna asked:

My sister is getting married next month & my mom is having a hard time finding a dress she likes at a price she likes. I currently have a retail clothing store & am now thinking of starting an online store that specializes in mother of the bride dresses.

Brides: does that sound like a good idea?? How is your mother’s shopping going?

Should I focus on brand, style or price?

Do you have to make an appointment at David’s Bridal to go look at dresses for the first time?

seahawkgurl9680 asked:

My mom came to town for Thanksgiving and we thought about going to David’s Bridal to start looking for a dress for my wedding in May. Do you have to have an appointment to go and or try them on?

Thank You!

what to do about my bridesmaids? need help asap?

ladybug asked:

i found the wedding dress that i want and today me and two of my bridesmaids, as well as my mom and two aunts and going to go and try it on again and i’m going to get it because i know it’s “the one.” one of my bridesmaids, my moh, doesnt like the top and both of them think i need to go to more places and the dress i am getting is this one –

and they think i am only getting a dress with straps bc my dad wanted me to, bc he is paying. and i actually do want a dress with straps. not strapless. i’ve told them that this is the one i want but no matter what i say they think i need to try on more and will not stop. my two aunts who are going are not afraid to be mean to them or fight with them and i really dont want any drama. my bms said that they are going to convince them to make me go somewhere else and i already told them they will tell them no. what do i do to get the message through their heads that just bc they dont like it, i dont care? i’m going in an hour … 🙁

Odd question about maternity clothes

Raggedyanne asked:

OK this is crazy but I am getting married and my mom is pregnant. Is it possible to find a maternity mother of the bride dress or anything somewhat formal that she can wear? Where can I find it?

What should I do about my wedding dress issue?

Breanna asked:

I am getting married in a few months and I am stuck with the issue about my wedding dress. My sister got married about five years back and she gave me her wedding dress incase I wanted to wear it to my wedding. Her dress is gorgeous and it’s by the designer Mori Lee which is my favorite wedding dress designer. It has pretty beading and a long train I just have to get it sized down. My question is I am debating on whether or not to buy my own or just wear hers. I would be saving money if I wore hers but the the other problem is that my fiance knows what her dress looks like. Well, I honestly think he just knows it’s strapless and white he doesn’t really know the beading details and all that stuff. So I was thinking maybe I could just lie and say I bought my own but actually use hers and he probably won’t notice. What should I do? Buy my own or wear hers? I kind of want my own just to have my own but wedding dresses don’t come cheap my budget would be $600 but like my mom said, I’m only going to be wearing it for a few hours and then never wear it again so that’s why I’m also debating on whether or not to invest money in a new dress or not. I know it’s ”my day” and I want to look like a princess but I honestly like her dress a lot especially since it was free 🙂 What do you think I should do?

How to throw a bridal shower if you dont know any of her friends?

Deanna Ben asked:

Im wanting to throw a bridal shower for my friend who is getting married. but she has very few female friends and i do not know any of them. I just know her mom and younger sister.
any ideas?

Future bride’s younger sister walk down aisle alone?

J asked:

im 13 my older sister is getting married and she didn’t ask me to be anything in her wedding too young for bridesmaid too old for flower girl. so yea she planned her bridesmaid who they were going to be and everything. well i found out about the jr. bridesmaid so i told my mom. she said i could be but who would i walk down the aisle with? by myself maybe. but i dont want to be b/c my sister didn’t ask me im sure she knows theres a jr. bridesmaid but she didn’t want me. everybody thinks i won’t wear a dress and act tomboy! im NOT a tomboy i wear normal clothes aeropostal clothes i don’t act like it at all. well i do want to be the jr. bridesmaid but if my sister don’t want me to then i won’t. it won’t hurt my feelings i just don’t want her to feel like she has to b/c it will make me sad if im not jr. bridesmaid im more mature then that. the problem is my mom is walking down the aisle w/ my older brother my dad w/ my sister. i walk alone down. we have no close friends or relatives my age. why can’t i just sit in the front and stand when the bride comes. im not important im the black sheep in the family. is it okay for me to sit up front and wait?