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Has anyone bought a Mori Lee wedding dress in Diamond White?

lburke55 asked:

The dress I’ve fallen in love with is designed by Mori Lee. I really love “White” rather than “Ivory,” but this particular dress only comes in “Diamond White.” Has anyone bought that particular color wedding gown from this designer and can give me feedback on how they felt about how it compares to actual white? If anyone is willing to show me pictures of their dress that would be incredible!

Thank you!

What is the price range for a typical Mori Lee wedding dress?

Jessica B asked:

Looking at a wedding dress that is by Mori Lee and was wondering if anyone knows what the norm is for price on the dresses. Any help would be AWESOME!

Can anyone help me find the style number for this Mori Lee wedding dress? PLEASE?

me asked:

I found it the day it was ending on ebay and was trying to keep my bid the highest but my computer locked up! I love it and want to see if I can find it somewhere else but the person selling it says that they don’t have the style number for the dress.
I have contacted the seller and they replied that they don’t have access to this information anymore since it has been sold and sent out.

good place for custom wedding dresses in Seattle, WA?

Zerachiel asked:

well as luck would have it i find the most beautiful mori lee wedding gown. and i mean this is the one, and we go to put the money down on it to order it and find out the dress had been discontinued 3 days prior >< does anyone know of a really good place in the Seattle, WA area that does custom bridal gowns with beading and such

Show me pics of your Mori Lee wedding dress?

Lolagirl asked:

I am planning on buying Mori Lee Voyage dress #6305 and am curious to see if anyone has a similar dress.

Mori Lee Wedding Gown color question. Is the Ivory more off white or yellowish with this designer?

Runningtoproveapoint asked:

Trying to decide between Ivory and White.

If there is any Mori Lee brides out there who can help me out… I would appriciate it a lot!! Just let me know if you thought the dress was more off white or if it had a yellow tint. Pictures would be great if you had them of your wedding. Thanks a lot.

Any women out there with a wedding dress?

cows go moo! asked:

Are there any ladies out there who have the Mori Lee wedding dress style # 2201? I am looking to purchase but can’t spend a fortune. The least expensive I’ve found is $675.00. If you have one or can find one for any less that the $675.00, I’d appreciate all the help I can get.
Shollia! How did your dress turn out? Was it just like the one that you wanted or were there some differences? I checked out the website and it looks like they will keep re-doing the dress until it’s just what you want.

Mori Lee wedding dresses? Do you like this one?

Bl♥ndy 15.08.11 asked:

I am getting married in August, and am looking for dresses! I would like a short one, and found this one:

What do you think of it? Has anyone purchased a Mori Lee dress before? Are they well made?

Any advice is welcome! Thank you!
Just want to add: I know that it’s “young-looking”. That’s kind of what I want, a traditional gown really does not match my personality. To be fair, there really aren’t many options for short dresses (that have some personalty). If anyone has seen any, please send me a link! I’ve been looking for hours!

Mori Lee Wedding Dress 2132 online ?

Jessica White asked:

i want to order this dress for my coming wedding, is there any suggestions?

Has anyone bought the MORI LEE wedding dress style 1074? I would love to see it on an actual real bride?

natalie asked:

Please if anyone has photos of a real bride in the Mori Lee dress Style 1074 I would love to see photos. I have oredered this dress for my self and would like to see the gown in action as I wait for mine. Thanks in Advance !