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What kind of bra to wear with my wedding dress?

Danielle asked:

I have a low back mori lee dress, and 36dd breasts. They’re given from God so they arent as perky as they should be. What kind of bra should I wear with my dress? Links and prices please. Btw, I want them up high with as much cleavage as I can muster. Lol.

wedding dress-y enough?

Sfsdfsd Sdfsdfs asked:

Hi all

I tried this Mori Lee dress on and loved it….but the colour is cafe and I wanted to see if other b2bs thought it was wedding dress-y enough…?
I think it’s similar to a Sophia Tolli dress I loved (but was way above my budget!)
now I have to figure out how to attach a photo….

when should I order my wedding dress?

clair2285 asked:

I found my dress it is gorgeous!

my wedding date is september the 5th 2009

I am going to alter the dress to become a corseted back

also a different hem may be changed

I think it will take 6-8 weeks to arrive

BUT!!! I want to loose about 10 more pounds
I have already lost 10-15 lbs but since the wedding is far away should I wait to order the dress?

( the dress is a mori lee #2147 in ivory/silver)

whose wedding dresses are more expensive: mori lee or alfred angelol?

Courtney L asked:

just wondering bc the sites i go to to find my wedding dress don’t show a price.
alfred angelo*

Where to get very low backed bra for wedding?

MC asked:

I am looking for a bustier but have had trouble finding one with a low enough back.

Any suggestions? Unfortunately I really need the “support”.

This is my dress

what is a company that makes nice wedding dresses that you would recommend?

Alanna L asked:

i am planning on getting married soon and i am looking for a dress, and i had one friend recommended the Mori Lee, line to me, and i was just looking for other suggestions. Thank-you.

Bras.would this work with my dress?

MC asked:

I have been looking for a low backed bra/bustier for my dress. I unfortunately really do need more support than sewn in cups or sticky bras might provide.

I found this one on a UK site. (I am in the US.)

I have 2 concerns however

1. Including shipping, it would cost more than $110 US, and I would have to pay twice for shipping (probably an additional $30) if I had to return it.

2. I am not sure if the back is low enough for what I need.

I would feel better about ordering the bra if I were confident that it would actually work with my dress.

Any opinions?


December asked:

Wellllll, I basically picked the wedding dress that I want. It is satin and has a detailed bodice and a gathered bottom.For the bridesmaids I thought that was the case but I actually found another dress I adore. I’m torn between two dresses…….the mori lee dress that is claret satin
the mia solano that is deep red taffeta

I just didn’t know that since the wedding dress I love is satin if the taffeta one should even be in consideration. Any thoughts??????
Guys…..sorry i didn’t make it clearer . The mori lee dress is in claret. You have to click the color box to see the dress change. It’s not black.
LOL sorry i keep adding stuff! My wedding is in december.

White and gold wedding dress! HELP?

Candycane asked:

Im wearing a white strapless wedding dress by Mori Lee. The dress is very similar to this one The wedding is in Feb 2010 what should my accent colors be? We are having a small wedding with “hopefully a big reception (comida “dinner”, band or dj) a traditional hispanic wedding with a modern twist. Help!!!! Thanks for any advice!
The bottom of the dress has gold jewels instead of silver

How do I go about coordinating style of BM dress with the wedding gown?

Kalamity_K:) asked:

I cant provide a link (the dress is a Mori Lee 2103). General guidelines to dresses complimenting each other is fine OTHER than matching formality which is obvious. Hem line types, neckline?