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Is it rude to register at multiple places for my bridal shower?

The New Mrs. Walker!!! asked:

I would like to register at Target for everyday household needs, William & Sonoma for kitchen stuff and Linens and Things for our bedroom linens. Is that tacky or is that ok. Note that we do have about 400 people invited to the wedding. Thank You!

Is sending thank you cards enough for the appreciation to come to my bridal shower?

kunchobidog asked:

I want to thank all the people who made time to come to my bridal shower. I want to get gifts for the sisters-in-law(and they are also my bridesmaids) who planned everything but is it ok to just send thank you cards for the others who came to the shower?

What is the proper etiquette for inviting people to bridal showers? Do you only invite a person once?

Mam asked:

My daughter is estimating around 3 bridal showers. Can she ask the same person to more than one.

what would you expect/have you got in a bridal show goody bag?

xhkwilsonx asked:

I am planning a big bridal show for charity, and was wondering what sort of things people would expect in a goody bag.
Either talking from experience or just ideas, i’m open to all suggestions, but sensible answers please!

Does there have to be a theme for a Bridal Shower?


My fiance’s grandmother wants to throw me a bridal shower at her church. I been hearing from some people that they have themes for theirs, do I have to have a theme for it? And if I do need a theme for it, you guys have any suggestions?

Just Married and Bride clothes?

goaliegirl87 asked:

Where is the best place to get these kind of clothes (mostly just t-shirts)? Every place wants to charge like an arm and a leg because, just like everyone says, if a product has any mention of a wedding the company basically doubles their price. Is it better/cheaper to do it online or at a store. If you say at a store, then what store? I live in kansas city, MO. Thanks for the help.
Sorry for not being a bit clearer. Places sell tshirts on them that say “bride” or “Just Married”- usually people get some for the wedding party too. They are not for the actual wedding. The bride one is for pre-wedding, and the Just Married one is to wear post-wedding.

When do you buy gifts for bridal shower?

pinkapplez88 asked:

when do you buy a gift for a bridal shower? my friend’s is in two weeks and i noticed on her registries only 4 things have been bought! should i wait or buy one now? do people usually buy off the registry?

Do you think that its greedy for someone to have a bridal shower who has everything?

Jenn asked:

I think its very rude. Not everyone has extra money to be out buying people gifts that they dont even need. For instance, when a couple lives together for a while, and has everything they need, then have a bridal shower before they get married?! That is so greedy and rude in my opinion.

What are good gift ideas for a 2AM assigned time for a ‘Round the Clock’ bridal shower?

orangedream asked:

For those who don’t know – a ‘Round the Clock’ bridal shower is when the hostesses assign guests to get gifts for different hours of the day. For example, if you were assigned 6pm, dinnerware or something would be an appropriate gift. I was assigned 2AM… I have no idea what to get the couple! I am trying to stay away from generic gifts, like bed sheets or whatever, because other people who were assigned 10, 11PM or midnight are already getting that for them. ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! 🙂

Can someone tell me about the bridal registry?

…… asked:

Okay we have finally set our date for next October and people keep telling me about the bridal registry. What is it exactly and how does it work? Also if you can give me tips on planning the wedding that would be great. I am already feeling lost and need a little guidance.
Do it cost money to register?