Thanks In Advance

July 14, 2011

Does anyone know where to find nice wedding dresses?

Lauren Baby asked: I would like it to be simple but nice. My wedding is going to be a Pagan Handfasting, so I would love something […]
June 18, 2011

Can you recommend a good custom bridal jewelry designer?

colorhappy asked: I’m looking for custom jewelry for the whole bridal party. Thanks in advance!
June 13, 2011

When should I start worrying about getting tuxedos for my bridal party?

Heather asked: I am getting married in June and am trying to figure out when we should start picking out the tuxedos for the bridal party. […]
June 7, 2011

Combined thank you notes for bridal shower and wedding?

bubbadoy asked: I had a bridal shower a week before the wedding. For some of the ladies, they did not bring a date to the wedding. […]