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Does anyone know where to find nice wedding dresses?

Lauren Baby asked:

I would like it to be simple but nice. My wedding is going to be a Pagan Handfasting, so I would love something hippie-ish and natural. But I would like to see any dresses to keep my options open. Thanks in advance.

Can you recommend a good custom bridal jewelry designer?

colorhappy asked:

I’m looking for custom jewelry for the whole bridal party. Thanks in advance!

When should I start worrying about getting tuxedos for my bridal party?

Heather asked:

I am getting married in June and am trying to figure out when we should start picking out the tuxedos for the bridal party. I want all of the tuxedos to match except for various vest colors. We are also looking into renting our limousine through the tuxedo shop. They run special promotions like if you buy x amount of tuxes they give you x amount of hours free. So if you or anybody you know has gotten married and would like to share your experience I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance. Have a great day!
Yes I know that this is usually the grooms job but we are planning this wedding together. He will be with me at the tuxedo shop and have just as much say so as I do. But I am the one that is going to be calling the tuxedo shop for appointments and renting the limousine. If it were up to him he would do it one week before. lol

Combined thank you notes for bridal shower and wedding?

bubbadoy asked:

I had a bridal shower a week before the wedding. For some of the ladies, they did not bring a date to the wedding. So can I combine their thank you note and thank them for giving both gifts on one card?

It’s not that I’m trying to be cheap, but I also don’t want to be redundant. If you think that ettiquette says I should send TWO cards to one person at the same time, then I will do it.

Thanks in advance!

I am invited to an Indian wedding in Ahmedabad. What should I know and what can I wear?

Mara asked:

The wedding lasts 4 days and I want to try to wear all sorts of traditional Indian clothes. I came across Lehenga and it looks very beautiful… However, it looks like it shows too much… Is it appropriate to wear a lehenga to a wedding or not? Isn’t it too open? Also, from what colors can I chose (I know red is reserved for the bride). Are pink and cherry colors appropriate?
Finally, are there any wedding traditions that exist in Ahmedabad only? Thanks in advance.

Ladies, have you planned a bridal shower and bachelorette party?

Ashalena Lynn asked:

Hi ladies,
I’m in my best friends wedding and we’re planning her bridal shower and bachelorette party soon. I need some awesome ideas! So would you please leave me some input? If you were/ are a bride to be, what are some things that you would want your girls to plan for you? If you’ve already done some planning, what were some great ideas that you used?
Thanks in advance!

what are the prices associated with wedding dresses?

Amanda P asked:

I have been to several different sites and all the wedding dresses are coded with a certain number of dollar signs (i.e. $, $$, $$$, $$$$). Does anyone know what price ranges these signs tend to entail. I cannot find a pricing code breakdown anywhere (specifically on Thanks in advance!

How do I become an authorized retailer for certain bridal companies?

blah blah blah asked:

I want to open a bridal shop (eventually) I’m just in the beginning stages of planning (business plan, etc.) I was wondering when do you become an authorized retailer? And how? Should it be a month or two before you open? Thanks in advance 🙂
Thanks, but I don’t live in a big city. I live in Michigan.

would someone tell me please where are the cheap shopping areas in Turkey Istanbul?

Donga asked:

Iam a soon to be a bride and i intend to go to turkey Istanbul for shopping
iam looking for elegant reasonable priced wedding gowns ?
Day to day clothes , skirts, causal dresses ….etc ( No trade names at all ) ?
and evening dresses?
Also when is the sale season February or March ?
Thanks in advance for helping out it really means alot to give some shops names , street names .
Thanks a million

Has anyone bought the MORI LEE wedding dress style 1074? I would love to see it on an actual real bride?

natalie asked:

Please if anyone has photos of a real bride in the Mori Lee dress Style 1074 I would love to see photos. I have oredered this dress for my self and would like to see the gown in action as I wait for mine. Thanks in Advance !