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my maid of honor said behind my back?

ladybug asked:

that i’m going to look homeless on my wedding day bc she hated my dress. i’m kicking her out but one of my other bridesmaids keeps defending her saying “that’s just how __ is.” how do i kick her out the most gentle way? btw here is my dress – give me opinions …
just to clarify…i’m not kicking her out just bc of this … she’s done a LOT more, trust me.
i’ve been getting panic attacks from the stress she is causing me and i am not going to take it.
for everyone who said i am junior high and trivial, please note that this is not the only thing she did. when i told her i found my dress she said “whatever. i had a ****ty day thanks for asking” and “glad to know you care about your wedding more than my life” and she’s also done more so please stop saying i’m junior high

Shopping for wedding dresses and leaving people out?

Chelsea Wish asked:

My mom and sister are of course invited and wanting to come wedding dress shopping with me. But I do not want my aunts and cousins’ wives and my in laws there. I think that when you get so many people who want to insert their opinion on the wedding dress and I don’t wanna deal with that many opinions and trying to really get what i want for our wedding day. My parents are buying it and my sister is the maid of honor

On my wedding day?

Oceangrl03 asked:

In terms of what I am supposed to wear… (This is kind of a personal question, so please be nice)

I already have my wedding dress and the big thing of tool to go under the dress to keep its form, I know I need shoes (duh) but what else do I need to get in terms of under garments. I am really just drawing a blank here. I feel like there are special under – things that I am supposed to have, and I dont know how true that is, or what they are. Thanks for all your help!!!

Wedding Gift for my bride ?

Macum asked:

Help with gift idea’s for our wedding presents to each other.

I am thinking of something really nice for my future wife on our wedding day, she is not over fussed about jewellery, clothes would be too dangerous (as very fussy about fashion etc.)

Budget up to £1500 max

What does one do when you are the only one that notices the groom cheated on his bride on his wedding day?

The Jax asked:

Long story short, I was a friend of the grooms and I was invited to be a part of his wedding party.

After the wedding, we had a reception in a typical banquet hall facility.

After dinner, the dancing began. The groom steps away and is gone for almost an 45 minutes. Then, while I am standing somewhere, I notice in the darkness the groom reappears. His hair is all a mess and his clothes are not neat. I can see him in a dark corner kinda fixing himself.

Coming in a door opposite door, I notice a girl around our age, who was invited to the wedding but is not a member of either party. She is also somewhat in a disarray.

Everyone is dancing and talking and having a grand old time and I seem to be the only one that notices.

I walk over and approach him and ask him if what I think I am seeing is true. He says not to tell anyone. I am shocked that my friend has these balls of steel to cheat on his wife, during the wedding, on his wedding day.
Eight Months have gone by. As far as I know he has been true to his wife but thats none of my business. What my concern is that I am the only one that knows. Obviously, me breaking this news would cause all holy hell.

I think I should just keep it to myself because I don’t want to get in the middle of it. What do I do?

How to take a pre wedding day picture?

Lady Bug asked:

How to acheive the picture where the bride is looking into the mirror in everyday clothes, but looking at herself in her wedding dress….

What price do you feel is acceptable for bridal make-up?

Elly Moyser asked:

I am a freelance make-up artist starting to do bridal make-up. I Use only professional make-up and an airbrush for foundation.

I was thinking for the wedding day £70 and the trial as £35?

Too much? Too little?

What kind of wedding dresses should short women wear?

Likklefoot asked:

I am a very short bride-to-be (4’8) and I do not want to look like a flower girl on my wedding day. Any suggestions for wedding dresses??

Weird dream about me telling my boyfriend I couldn’t marry him. On our wedding day?

That Girl. asked:

I’m only 19 so, though I love weddings, I don’t often dream about them. Last night however I dreamt that I was preparing to get married to my current boyfriend. I was really upset because nothing had been done with my hair or make up and my dress was just an ordinary knee length summer dress (oh the woes lol). I seem to remember that it was a fairly inpromptu affair and that I had not had time to organise anything so my mother had done it for me. And managed to do it in practically the opposite way entirely to what I’d want.

As I waited in my room with my parents, crying, I decided to find a bridal boutique nearby and at least buy a better dress.
I set off at run for this shop across a field before stopping and realising that if I was truly ready to marry my boyfriend I’m marry him in a black sack.

I went to his room where he was getting dressed and explained that the wedding wasn’t anything like what I wanted and he was so lovely and said fine, we’d rearrange and I could plan it properly this time. I shook my head and said that as much as I loved him, I wasn’t ready to marry him.

After a long argument of him saying I couldn’t really love him he flung on his suit jacket and went to storm out of the room saying that he was going for a drink, ‘after all that’s what you (as in me) do all the time, isn’t it?’ (my student drinking habits have been a point of contention recently. As has the fact that he’s older and sees our relationship a lot further into the future than I do.)

So. Anyone fancy interpreting?
I’m always just interested to see what people think.

Asking for Money as a Wedding Gift?

fairyprincesscorinne asked:

Why do people think that it is rude, tacky or even wrong to ask for money instead of a bought gift as a wedding present?

Gifts are a big part of the Wedding day. Guests love to spoil a newly married couple, and they especially love to give them something they actually want.

In some cultures money is all that is given, and in other cultures, money is actually pinned to the Bride and Groom’s clothing!

I’ve even heard people say that adding a gift list to an invitation is wrong, when actually it is the correct ettiquette to do so.

Where have these views come from?
I’m sorry, but do people think that if you ask for money you are infact demanding it?

Why is that different from asking for a gift instead?

Couples don’t demand gifts, they just give you ideas of what they need if you would like to buy for them. It’s not a requirement, just a suggestion.