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Do you buy a gift for the bridal shower and wedding seperate?

mando asked:

I will be attending a bridal shower shortly and am wondering what to get and how much to spend. Now if you buy for both and when a bride/groom is registered for a wedding do you pick a gift from the registry for the shower and wedding?

What is the etiquette for gifts- do you buy a bridal shower gift AND a wedding gift ?

Tracy H asked:

I’ve always wondered if it was proper etiquette, if you had to buy a bridal shower gift AND a wedding gift- or is just one gift fine ?

What is the difference between a bridal shower gift and?

my_opinion_two asked:

a wedding gift? If you go to the bridal shower and bring a gift is the wedding gift separate from the bridal shower gift? Also, what would you get for a bridal shower gift? thanks

Wedding Gift for my bride ?

Macum asked:

Help with gift idea’s for our wedding presents to each other.

I am thinking of something really nice for my future wife on our wedding day, she is not over fussed about jewellery, clothes would be too dangerous (as very fussy about fashion etc.)

Budget up to £1500 max

What did you get at your bridal shower?

smfeld asked:

I am a bridesmaid in my friends wedding in August. I already got their wedding gift from the registry. I need to get something for the bridal shower yet and don’t think I should get something off the registry

Would a bottle of wine and a picture frame do?

I have limited spending money.

Do you buy a bridal shower gift and wedding gift from a registry?

AG asked:

I was invited to a shower and in the invitation was their registry information. Does that mean I buy a gift from the registry for the bridal shower AND another gift for the wedding? I thought the bridal shower was for the bride, and the wedding gift is for the new life of the couple, thus the registry.

what kid of gifts do you give at a bridal shower?

Samantha asked:

I was invited to a bridal shower, I’ve never been to one before. What kind of thing do i give as a gift? They are registered at walmart. Can I get something from the registry for both the wedding gift and the bridal shower gift?

Asking for Money as a Wedding Gift?

fairyprincesscorinne asked:

Why do people think that it is rude, tacky or even wrong to ask for money instead of a bought gift as a wedding present?

Gifts are a big part of the Wedding day. Guests love to spoil a newly married couple, and they especially love to give them something they actually want.

In some cultures money is all that is given, and in other cultures, money is actually pinned to the Bride and Groom’s clothing!

I’ve even heard people say that adding a gift list to an invitation is wrong, when actually it is the correct ettiquette to do so.

Where have these views come from?
I’m sorry, but do people think that if you ask for money you are infact demanding it?

Why is that different from asking for a gift instead?

Couples don’t demand gifts, they just give you ideas of what they need if you would like to buy for them. It’s not a requirement, just a suggestion.

If you brought a gift to the bridal shower do you then bring a financial gift to the actual wedding?

cindy asked:

I brought a gift to the bridal shower and my husband feels we should bring a gift of money to the actual wedding and I am not sure what proper etiquette is for this situation

What is an acceptable amount to spend for a bridal shower and wedding gift when you are a bridesmaid?

anniebell asked:

My Best friend asked me to be in her wedding which is happening in about 4 months. How much should I plan on spending for this. I make less then 20,000 a year and I am finical on my own. I have to buy a dress, shoes, pay for a the shower, contribute a gift for shower and wedding, Bach party, hotel stay, hair and makeup……………
it just gets really expensive. I love my best friend, but I don’t want to tap into mysavings during this economy. This is the first month that I haven’t had to dip into my savings to pay my rent.