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which of these wedding gown you like the best?

Chickie asked:

Has anyone bought a Mori Lee wedding dress in Diamond White?

lburke55 asked:

The dress I’ve fallen in love with is designed by Mori Lee. I really love “White” rather than “Ivory,” but this particular dress only comes in “Diamond White.” Has anyone bought that particular color wedding gown from this designer and can give me feedback on how they felt about how it compares to actual white? If anyone is willing to show me pictures of their dress that would be incredible!

Thank you!

What style wedding gown is appropriate for a vow renewal ceremony?

melodytv_2000 asked:

I am a man that enjoys wearing women’s clothes, my wife and I are doing a renewal of vows where I get to be the bride (I am so excited that I am giddy)!!! What gown styles and colors would be appropriate for me, and what do you think she should wear (gown or tux)?

How much should I expect to pay for a custom wedding dress and five bridesmaid dresses in the UK?

guiltytrees asked:

I am getting married soon and want to have my own personally designed custom wedding dress, with beading and lots of detail. I also want to get five bespoke bridesmaid dresses made as well. I’m not looking to pay for Vera Wang or anything but I was wondering how much should I expect to pay for the wedding gown and the five dresses in total? If anyone can help I would be really grateful as I need to plan my budget asap.

good place for custom wedding dresses in Seattle, WA?

Zerachiel asked:

well as luck would have it i find the most beautiful mori lee wedding gown. and i mean this is the one, and we go to put the money down on it to order it and find out the dress had been discontinued 3 days prior >< does anyone know of a really good place in the Seattle, WA area that does custom bridal gowns with beading and such

How do I go about coordinating style of BM dress with the wedding gown?

Kalamity_K:) asked:

I cant provide a link (the dress is a Mori Lee 2103). General guidelines to dresses complimenting each other is fine OTHER than matching formality which is obvious. Hem line types, neckline?

Bridal Boutiques in Calgary?

seriousannie23 asked:

Hi guys, I got engaged recently and I’m looking for the perfect boutique to go to for my wedding gown. I’m looking for something on the more exclusive side, my budget being somewhere between 3 to 10k. An appointment only place would be preferable. If I could get some links to online catalogs too that would be awesome

Mori Lee Wedding Gown color question. Is the Ivory more off white or yellowish with this designer?

Runningtoproveapoint asked:

Trying to decide between Ivory and White.

If there is any Mori Lee brides out there who can help me out… I would appriciate it a lot!! Just let me know if you thought the dress was more off white or if it had a yellow tint. Pictures would be great if you had them of your wedding. Thanks a lot.

Corset Wedding Gown for an Offbeat Bride?

XTina asked:

I’m thinking of getting something from Uptight Clothing, But I want to look around a bit more before making a final decision.
I am looking for a wedding dress that has a corset top.
I don’t mind if it’s a full dress or separates.
A splash of some other colour (black or purple) would be cool.
Any suggestions on where to look?

Where can I find wedding dresses for under $100? Are there resale shops that sale wedding dresses?

Kate-Ann asked:

One of my middle aged friends told how she gave her wedding dress to a resale shop and she said she did it because she knows that there are some young couples out here who don’t have much money, but they want a nice wedding gown and cant afford to pay over a certain amount.
Where can I get a wedding gown for under $100?
Do thrift stores sale wedding dresses?
What about flea markets?