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Wedding planners in Cairo, Egypt. Nothing sophisticated just help with simple stuff?

bblue asked:

I’ve heard that wedding planning is a new thing in Egypt and its very expensive. So if I need someone to help with the bride going out buying make up dress search hair products clothes accessories and how to get the bride fully ready, and I mean someone nice, how much would that cost and does anyone know anything about this? Anything would help.

Show me pics of your Mori Lee wedding dress?

Lolagirl asked:

I am planning on buying Mori Lee Voyage dress #6305 and am curious to see if anyone has a similar dress.

Wedding Planning Nightmares a Tool?

~¤Funshine¤~ asked:

I’m having nightmares about specific details of my wedding that will go wrong (dresses not fitting, decorations looking terrible, my family doing something embarrassing like yelling out “Don’t touch my kid”, or showing up in inappropriate clothing **stripper by profession**…etc.

So I’ve been using these nightmares as a guide of things to avoid and to plan around. Is this crazy or should more people do this?
Sadly and bride-to-bed knows that wedding planning and nightmares about such planning won’t just go away for a few days because I want it too.

Ladies, have you planned a bridal shower and bachelorette party?

Ashalena Lynn asked:

Hi ladies,
I’m in my best friends wedding and we’re planning her bridal shower and bachelorette party soon. I need some awesome ideas! So would you please leave me some input? If you were/ are a bride to be, what are some things that you would want your girls to plan for you? If you’ve already done some planning, what were some great ideas that you used?
Thanks in advance!

Does anyone make long sleeve wedding dresses anymore?

emtmommyamanda asked:

I am planning a winter wedding and I am having trouble finding a long sleeved dress. Does anyone make one anymore. It’s not that I’m the most modest woman ever I just want to be covered up. We are getting married in a church and I think I should not be showing it all off.

What should I wear to a wedding this weekend?

BarbieGirl8 asked:

I am a guest at a wedding this weekend. My boyfriend’s cousin is getting married, she is the bride. I love clothes, I’m very girlie and I wear dresses all the time so I’m definitely wearing a dress this weekend cold or not. I would just like a little input on my outfit…. I live in Charlotte, NC and the wedding is outside!!!!! I hope it isn’t freezing but I am planning on wearing a strapless light pink and black BCBG dress (knee length, it has almost a lace look to it) with closed toe black heels and a dressy wool coatt for the wedding. I am planning on taking the coat off and just wearing a black wrap for the reception which is inside. Do you think the strapless dress is too much? It is a dressy event, the wedding is in the late afternoon / early evening. Any ideas or do you think this will work? I hate winter/fall weddings…. they are so difficult to dress for. I wish I could post a pic!
Ok here is a link to the pic of my dress…I hope, i’m not too computer savy…

What would be a good name for a bridal consulting business?

caNdY aPpLe rEd asked:

I need good, classy and sophisticated names for a wedding planning/consulting business.
*Something that is elegant, please

**and if you are just gonna say something jerky or rude, don’t bother.

Thank you for those who truly want to help!

Where can i find new 2011 wedding dresses?

Jojo asked:

Am planning a wedding for 2012, all these site i go on have all the same wedding dress!! i want something that has a wow factor in it!
Im looking for tulle material with new fashion ruffles and beading with budget price to.
Any help would be much appreciated.