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What to expect on my first bridal party gig?

kema84 asked:

I have a wedding in two weeks with my first bride. I know how to do bridal makeup because I have done friends and family members weddings. I just want to know what a MUA for a paying bride is supposed to do when they first get to the location? What things are required for an on location wedding vs a home set up? If there are any bridal MUA’s please answer and add anything you feel I need to know or have forgotten to mention.

Do bridal stores make the dresses that you can buy there?

LukaBeanz asked:

When my Aunt got married we went to a store that sold specifically bridal gowns and things for bridesmaids. I was just wondering where they get the dresses from? Do they make them themselves, or order and alter pre-existing ones to fit the needs of the brides?

I’d really love to open a bridal dress store when I’m older because they seem so magical.

I didn’t know where to post this so I put it in fashion and weddings.

Are there any websites where I can browse for wedding dresses?

Savannah Banana asked:

I’m not getting married anytime soon, but I love weddings and was just wondering if there are any websites where I can look for wedding dresses and see which style I like…never too early to start planning.

Are Iranian not Muslim?

♥ DeSI sUnShine ♥ asked:

So i just finished reading an iranian book,funny in farsi, therefore, i went to youtube to see a persian wedding. So i was wondering what i saw in the below video is true or not; I mean during the persian weddings,do the bride really wears western clothes that exposes some parts of her body that should have been covered and the couple acts like western couple, which inculdes kissing in public?

Annyck:what?.. you are telling me that you did not see anyting unislamic. Look at her dress than. In islam can women wear this?

Wedding gifts for bridal party and parents?

xxnyspicexx asked:

Im not sure what to get for the bridal party and our parents. Ive been in 3 weddings recently and dont want to use the same idea as them.
They used:
Engraved bracelettes
White gold rings
bracelettes with words and meanings.

We are on a tight budget but i dont want these gifts to be cheap because these people do mean a lot to us and we want to thank them for helping with our special day.

Any gift ideas?

** SERIOUS answers only. Please dont be rude.

Thank you in advance!

Guys/Grooms: would you be okay with your bride not wearing a white wedding dress?

TornadoAlleyCat asked:

Another random thought of mine. This one is for the men on here.

Would you be okay with it if your bride wore a wedding dress that wasn’t white? For example, if your bride wanted to wear a blue or pink gown or a gown with flowers printed all over the fabric, would you have a problem with it? (whether you knew about the color of the dress before the wedding or found out at the altar)

I know that seems like a bit of a contradiction, saying non-white wedding dress lol. I just feel like weddings should be happy, bright celebrations of love, instead of stuffy, formal affairs where everyone is dressed in their best clothes to impress the other guests; therefore, I think that the bride should wear whatever dress makes her feel the most beautiful, no matter if it’s a poofy white dress that makes her look like she could’ve stepped right out of a fairy tale or a light satin gown in bright colors and patterns.

And for the people who say that weddings are supposed to be formal and that only immature people think of weddings in any other sense, please don’t bother answering. It would be a waste of your time because the comment would be ignored.

Weird dream about me telling my boyfriend I couldn’t marry him. On our wedding day?

That Girl. asked:

I’m only 19 so, though I love weddings, I don’t often dream about them. Last night however I dreamt that I was preparing to get married to my current boyfriend. I was really upset because nothing had been done with my hair or make up and my dress was just an ordinary knee length summer dress (oh the woes lol). I seem to remember that it was a fairly inpromptu affair and that I had not had time to organise anything so my mother had done it for me. And managed to do it in practically the opposite way entirely to what I’d want.

As I waited in my room with my parents, crying, I decided to find a bridal boutique nearby and at least buy a better dress.
I set off at run for this shop across a field before stopping and realising that if I was truly ready to marry my boyfriend I’m marry him in a black sack.

I went to his room where he was getting dressed and explained that the wedding wasn’t anything like what I wanted and he was so lovely and said fine, we’d rearrange and I could plan it properly this time. I shook my head and said that as much as I loved him, I wasn’t ready to marry him.

After a long argument of him saying I couldn’t really love him he flung on his suit jacket and went to storm out of the room saying that he was going for a drink, ‘after all that’s what you (as in me) do all the time, isn’t it?’ (my student drinking habits have been a point of contention recently. As has the fact that he’s older and sees our relationship a lot further into the future than I do.)

So. Anyone fancy interpreting?
I’m always just interested to see what people think.

What shoes should I wear with my wedding dress?

TappingMachine asked:

Here is a link to the picture of my wedding dress for this summer. It is an outdoor vintage/romantic themed wedding and I don’t know what shoes to wear! I can’t wear a small heal because they will sink into the grass. Any suggestions or links to websites with cute shoes for weddings? If the link below doesn’t work, just google image “Aire Barcelona – Belga”,r:0,s:24&tx=42&ty=63&biw=1366&bih=639

What is the best person to make wedding dresses?


I’m 12 and was just wondering about weddings so what person or persons or company creates the best dresses for a wedding?

I’m serious:-|