How hot are long, traditional wedding dresses?

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Bl♥ndy 15.08.11 asked:

I am getting married in August, and summers here get HOT (30+ Celsius, 86+ in F) and humid. Our ceremony will be outside, and we have a great private garden reserved with our reception room. I am on the fence between a short wedding dress and a long flowy one. I really don’t want to be uncomfortable, and want to stay cool so my makeup doesn’t melt off and my hair doesn’t go flat.

To those that have worn full-length dresses in the summer, were you comfortable? Not just temperature-wise, but for sitting, dancing, etc.



  1. La Vie Boheme says:

    Either are going to sweat and be uncomfortable. Even if you were in shorts and a tank top you would be sweating. Nobody is going to be comfortable if it’s hot and humid while outside.

  2. Shawn Harris says:

    My wife wore a full length but it was backless and strapless. She said that it wasn’t uncomfortable or too hot and that she felt like a princess. It was in the middle of July and I believe we were in the 80s.

  3. Where's my scooby snack? says:

    I don’t think it matters what length or style your dress is, if it’s summer and really hot, you’re going to sweat.

    I’d go with the short wedding dress. Consider dressing in beach type wear, but you can still wear a nice dress. There’s no rule that says you have to wear the typical wedding dress. You could get married in shorts and t shirt if you wanted.

    If you’re going to be outside for a long period of time in the heat, it’s best to dress light. Consider having your wedding party and the groom dressing in light attire instead of the traditional wedding attire. That way everyone will be comfortable and not sweating gallons.

  4. Karin says:

    I was married in a long, poofy dress, and it was hot, but not excessively. It was about 90F that day, and I stayed comfortable. As for dancing and such, it was easy; I was even able to salsa in my dress. I couldn’t say about the sitting though, I didn’t sit the entire time.

  5. seamstress says:

    There will be no escaping the heat. But, you can select a long wedding gown that is not multi layered, which will trap in the heat. Also, 99% of wedding gowns and their linings are synthetic, which will not allow you to breathe.
    So, perhaps find a dress made from natural fibers, such as cotton.

    And, yes, the short wedding dress is always an option. Even tea length would make a difference.

  6. Perse says:


    Just trying them on last week I got flushed and sweaty.

    I think a long dress is fine, just keep the layers to a minimum. Actually, a long dress could do more to keep you cool as it will protect you from the sun.

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